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I have written many articles, but this one and its informative video I dedicate particularly to the families of these young girls whose lives were taken away because of the hatred for our Hebrew people throughout the world. My website designed by me and built in the year 2014 was inspired particularly by their case as you will see in the about me page. Ever since that time it was a constant work and my mission to arouse the consciousness of our people. Not by violence or hatred toward other ethnicity but that we know our beginnings and our God. A testament to the truth as their lives were martyred for a bigger purpose that we search scripture for the understanding of our dilemma in the land of our captors.  

1539 Matthew Bible From Tindale’s work: {Chapter 16 verses 12} : And Samuel sayde vnto Isai: are here all thy chyldren? He sayde: there is yet a lytle one behynde, that kepeth the shepe. And Samuel sayd vnto Isai: sende and fetche him, for we will not sytte downe, tyll he be come hyther.  And he sent, & brought hym in. And he was browne, and of an excellent beawty, & well favored in syght . And the Lorde sayde: Aryse, and anoynt him, for this is he.   SEE THAT KING DAVID WAS BROWN? HE WAS BROWN..IF DAVID WAS BROWN THEN MESSIAH FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH WAS BROWN.

Now this should send of the alarm bells. Martin Luther a trustworthy pioneer of the protestant movement in 1522 translated the bible himself from the original Greek Septuagint and Hebrew scrolls. The Septuagint is the Greek translations of the holy scrolls that every denomination loves to reference and its like the holy grail of debates. They all swear by it as if  directly given to Christianity by the hand of our creator. Septuagint when translated from the Latin means 70, because it took 70 so called Greek speaking Hebrews and Greeks to translate the holy scrolls. Well we know what that was about. Well examining Martin Luther’s work and comparing it to Tyndale’s translation which was direct from the Hebrew scrolls the evidence is there. Martin Luther translated his bible into the Germanic language .

 The following is the Martin Luther’s German translation of 1st Samuel Chapter 16 verse 12:  {Da nun der Philister sah und schaute David an, verachtete er ihn; denn er  war ein Knabe, braunlich und schon . {43} Und der Philister sprach zu David: Bin ich denn ein Hund, daszlig; du mit Stecken zu mir kommst? und fluchte dem David bei seinem Gott }                    (BELOW IS THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM THE MARTIN LUTHER GERMAN BIBLE)

When the Philistine saw and looked at David, he despised him; for he  was a boy, brownish and beautiful . {43} And the Philistine said to David, Am I there? a dog, that you come to me with sticks? and swore to David by his god


The video is presented to our Hebrew brothers and sisters. Hopefully everyone will further investigate and confirm these findings. It is my desire that we wake up out of this stupor and false belief that we are degenerates and no goods. Pay particular attention to certain scriptures and historical books available to seminarians, pastors and notice how they skip over this information. Reason being they do not want you to wake from slumber. Just for the fun of it I will show you why. Before we look at the video consider and meditate on this just for a while and let this be the spark that fires up your awareness! Denominations with the power to sway the masses cannot afford to educate those they control, because once educated the power of the many threatens that of the fewer.

Did you know that brother Shaul was mistaken for a rebel prophet, an Egyptian/African/Hamite? Interestingly the Historian Josephus recorded the details of this Egyptian exploits. HERE IS THE NEW TESTAMENT ACCOUNT:  {The Acts Chapter 21 :37}  As they were about to take Paul into the barracks, he asked the commander, “May I say something to you?” “Do you speak Greek?” he replied.  {38}“Aren’t you the Egyptian who incited a rebellion some time ago and led four thousand members of the‘Assassins’ into the wilderness?” 

HOW BE IT SO? PAUL SHEMITE AN ISRAELITE OF THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN AND THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT ARE HAM’S CHILDREN ..THE FATHER OF THE AFRICAN NATIONS! NOTE:  The tribe of Judah which are BENJAMIN, JUDAH AND LEVI are the negroes the other 10 tribes CALLED iSRAEL are also semetic but various peoples as you will discover 

JOSEPHUS’S ACCOUNT OF THE AFRICAN/EGYPTIAN REBEL: Sources:  {Flavius Josephus, Jewish War 2.259-263 and Jewish Antiquities 20.169-171} ;  {Acts of the apostles 21.38.}  Story: According to Flavius Josephus, there were many people during the governorship of Festus who deceived and deluded the people under pretense of Divine inspiration, but were in fact for procuring innovations and changes of the government. These men prevailed with the multitude to act like madmen, and went before them into the wilderness, pretending that God would there show them the signals of liberty.note He continues with the following story.

There was an Egyptian false prophet that did the Jews more mischief than the former; for he was a cheat, and pretended to be a prophet also, and got together thirty thousand men that were deluded by him; these he led round about from the wilderness to the mount which was called the Mount of Olives. He was ready to break into Jerusalem by force from that place; and if he could but once conquer the Roman garrison and the people, he intended to rule them by the assistance of those guards of his that were to break into the city with him.note

In his Jewish antiquities, Josephus retold the story. The number of followers seems to be less exaggerated and the prophet’s threat to use violence are ignored. about this time, someone came out of Egypt to Jerusalem, claiming to be a prophet. He advised the crowd to go along with him to the Mount of Olives, as it was called, which lay over against the city, and at the distance of a kilometer. He added that he would show them from hence how the walls of Jerusalem would fall down at his command, and he promised them that he would procure them an entrance into the city through those collapsed walls.

Now when Felix was informed of these things, he ordered his soldiers to take their weapons, and came against them with a great number of horsemen and footmen from Jerusalem, and attacked the Egyptian and the people that were with him. He slew four hundred of them, and took two hundred alive. The Egyptian himself escaped out of the fight, but did not appear any more.{THE SCENE IS NOW SET AND THE PICTURE IS VERY CLEAR AS WE SEE THE EVIDENCE OF AN APOSTLE OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE AN AFRICAN! Bare in mind the Egyptians of today are not native to the land but are majority Arabs and mixed races from Greeks, Romans, Real Hebrews and the poorer natives.The video was well documented and presented with biblical and historical facts regarding our people..enjoy!

African West Coast where most of  the real Hebrews settled in the African continent. It is quite normal for the Hebrew children to name the lands where they sojourned after their lineage.These 11747 ancient maps identifies the kingdom of Juda{slave coast} and Asianti {gold coast}.The tribe of Judah always lived in close proximity with the levites. Asan was a descendat of AARON, and the name Ashanti means sons of Asan. 

 {Zephaniah 3:10-12} {10} From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering. {11} In that day shalt thou not be ashamed for all thy doings, wherein thou hast transgressed against me: for then I will take away out of the midst of thee them that rejoice in thy pride, and thou shalt no more be haughty because of my holy mountain. {12} I will also leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people, and they shall trust in the name of the Lord . 


Sam White a liberated slave; his master, Richard Randolph, had offered a radical answer to Thomas Jefferson’s moral dilemma: he denied that any dilemma existed. Randolph was  content to restore to his slaves their God-given freedom; he also called for them to receive four hundred acres of his land on which to build new lives as independent men and women. When Randolph’s family carried out his will in 1810 after years of delay, his ex-slaves gave the name Israel Hill to their new home in the rolling terrain of Prince Edward County, and they called themselves “Israelites.”

This was their Promised Land, to which they had been delivered out of bondage. But Israel Hill amounted to more than a personal promise fulfilled; it was a visionary Southern experiment in black freedom. In building this community of free, self-supporting black landowners in the very neighborhood where the Israelites had grown up as slaves, Richard Randolph and some ninety African Americans had launched a small but audacious attempt to demonstrate that a harmonious society containing free people of both races could exist.

 One thing i will like to add is where we see in scriptures “All Israel shall be saved” we are to be careful in interpreting this. This statement means all the righteous of the nation of Israel who follow the laws and commands and statutes of the Most and have the testimony of YEH’SHA will be saved… The context must be understood! because there are a lot of people riding this Hebrew thing because they are black but are ungodly, wicked and hateful religious men. To be recognized as Yahusrael one must abide in the spirit of the most high not only in the flesh. Another point is that not all black people are Israel many blacks of other nations are gentiles. The gentiles are not only subjected to only white people! This is a false teaching by many new groups out there who are twisting the truth and making it a race war and hate war! The Chinese , Japaneses, east Indians, Africans, Arabs and so forth are gentile nations. Now we as the nation of Yahusrael grew up amongst these nations and took wives and husbands and brought forth children.. Therefore a child from these marriages of the Hebrew father’s seed is an Israelite, but not the mother marrying a gentile man, her child will be considered a gentile. So what I am saying is that there will be very light skin or very very dark like real Hamitic looking Israelite and also very mixed. We cannot judge and discredit anyone because of color… thank you..hope this all make SENSE!! 

There are scriptures that are hidden from our people and the churches don’t really deep dive into these verses. Again and again they do not want you to know important role we play in prophecy. The modern church’s mission is to continue to hide and replace the chosen ones.  Lets look at something again from the septuagint regarding apostles ordained to work with brother Shaul.  {The Book Of The Acts Chapter 13}:  There were in the congregacyon that is at Antioche, certayn prophtes, and teachers:  as Barnabas and Simon called Niger, and Lucius of Cerene  and Manahen, Herode the Tetrarkes norsfelow, and Saul 

Simeon and Barnabas-called Niger are persons in the Book of Acts in the New Testament . They are mentioned in The Book Of Acts 13:1 as being ” prophets and teachers ” in the church of Antioch.The nickname Niger means “black”, and refers to a dark complexion or African descent. Lucius of Cyreen is also from Libya another Hamitic nation..These men were Hebrews and Lucius most likely a half Libyan half Hebrew brother who loved the most high creator as much as the others

Now watch this!!You uncle Tom preachers need to repent !! look! look! as the gentiles nations were warned about their invasive and cruel slavery  {Isaiah Chapter 65:15 } You will leave behind your name as a curse for My chosen ones, and the Lord GOD will slay you, but to His servants He will give another name . Even in the bible the names were changed like Peter Paul John all European names. NEGROES AND AND TRUE NATIVES ALL OVER THE AMERICAS AND ALL THE ISLANDS OUR LAST NAMES ARE EUROPEAN ENGLISH , FRENCH AND SPANISH SLAVE MASTERS NAMES! (OUR NAMES WERE CHANGED AS A CURSE)

Thanks to the Emory university that provided acess to most records of the slave ships WHERE YOU WILL SEE THE REAL NAMES OF OUR PEOPLE WERE NOT AFRICAN NAMES BUT HEBREW NAMES WITH THE FATHR’S NAME YAH!. Now as many of us are familiar with the bible and it should be observed that the prophets apostles  and the hebrew people all had the heavenly fathers name or a very holy meaning.  {2 Chronicles 7:14} and My people who are called by My name humble themselves “ Yah.


I am actually an Egyptian living abroad in America,and I must say I am disillusioned the way the western world sees the racial chracteristic of the ancient and modern Egypt. Truth is that majority of the Egyptians in modern Egypt are so mixed up to tell what exactly race we are. You can call Egypt like Brazil or even Latin America,and like these countries you of course have a color line. In Egypt it’s very subtle that only becomes apparent to people who have lived or are Egyptians. Egyptians are definatley not Arabs,nor considered themselves Arabs prior to the overthrow of Farouk by Nasser.

Well before the Nasserite years Egyptians under the leadership of Sheikh Tahtawi and Saad Zaghul considered themselves ”just Egyptians” but because of Pan-Arabism have embraced Arabs. xrfd Another shock to people is that Arabs invaded the land of Egypt in 640 AD and the later Arabian Caliphtes forced jizya tax and land tax upon the real desedants of the ancient Egyptians which were poor peasent farmers in the countryside. No Arabs nor any invaders bothered to mix with these people,so the ancient Egyptian race lives on with the rural Fellahin and Sa3eadi people in Upper Egypt.

Leaders like Mubarak was primarily a bad idea because most of the modern elite trace their ancestry back to the pre-Nasserite years so they are naturally lighter than the masses of Egyptian peasents. The lower class Egyptians are generally darker and called ”Balady”. Many of these people are new arrivals from the rural countryside instead of the more urbanized population which is generally more of a mixture. Foreigners like Americans and Europeans also have an eschewed sense of Egyptian phenotype due to the less migration of more elite Egyptians comparied to more poor Egyptians who have a more African phenotype.

This accounts for confusing remarks made about the ethnicity of the modern and ancient Egyptians. So here are some generally terms for Egypt and Egyptians:

Sa3eadi people: Generally less mixed than Cairene or Bohary Egyptians. Generally these people pocess more phenotypes closer to Africans. Although some in Middle Egypt are more mixed,and the further south you go into Egypt particularly around Luxor/Aswan the darker the people become and more African features.

Balady: Typically rural Egyptians from the Delta and Upper Egypt that have recently moved into the Egyptian city. Many of these people are confined to urban slums very comparable to ghettoes in Amrerica and Europe. Typically more ”mulatto” in apparence than the typical Egyptian. Elite or sell out Egyptians look down upon them as stupid and dirty.

Bohary: Typically a term for a person from Lower Egypt or the Delta. Although this region is not devoid of Africoid people, the majority look more Mediterranean,but occasionally there is a deviation within the population. Some even look like lighter skinned African Americans. Some mixing with Arabs has occured,and priot to this some mixture with Semites via Palestine.

Fellahin: refers generally to farmers in the Delta but also includes farming communities from Beni Suef to Suhaj in Middle Egypt. Generally purer than the city dwellers in Egypt. Both Christians and Muslim populations are identical in apperence. Also please don’t confuse Northern Africa with Egyptians. People in Northern Africa are Imazigh[Berbers] and generally they were always caucasoid people.

Some Africoid types existed in early northern Africa when the Sahara desert was more fertile. This population still exists amungst the southern Moroccans and southern Libyans. The Magrebian populations are very distinct and even the ancient Egyptian artists depicted the North-western Africans as having a different phenotype then themselves.

Exceptions to the rural are the Tuareg people who generally have a very Eastern Africa apperance. Let me also say that there is historical documentation of intermingling with Greeks,Jews and Syrian populations from Greco-Roman times down to Christian times in Egypt. Some areas in the north like Alexzandria had larger populations than the indigenous Egyptian populations,and so you can tell that northern Egyptians probabaly abosrbed lots of foregin admixture.


Caleb Yahdiel watching on the walls


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