He Will seek To Change Time & Laws

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws

(Daniel 7:25).

Let us talk about this and open up the hidden portals that have been masked by false doctrines and has closed the minds of the congregations. To gain a true perspective on prophecy and understand its revelation should be every teacher or preachers goal. Firstly “the wearing down of the saints” what does it mean? This term means the killing of the sanctified people Israel.

These mass murders and slave corporations started as early as the Babylonians invasion of Israel, who too had a hand in changing of time and the laws of God. The Persians did the same to our people wore us down and gave us their way of time and their laws, the Greeks plundered killed and gave us their laws and culture and measure of time and the Romans did the same dishonoring our Shabbats and feast days and calendar.

**Here is a breakdown of the Helenistic power brought on by the Greeks Antiochus Epiphanes and the Romans, showing us the new Christian religion of the future.The Prophet Daniel after describing the succession of Cryus and Alexander goes on to the time of Christ, The destruction of Jerusalem, and how long it is to lie desolate.

The dispersion of our people, and how long the gentiles will trod under foot in all nations. The verses emphasizes the “Host” the chosen will be under her spell as this imitation Christian movement will be practiced and prosper in the earth till the end. The sanctuary the holy place will be transgressed with transgressions as they corrupt the truth.**

Chap. viii. v. 11. Yea he magnifieth himself, even to the Prince of the Host; by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was cast down.
Chap. viii 12. And a Host was given him against the daily sacrifices by reason of transgression: and it cast down the truth to the ground, and it practiced and prospered.
Chap. viii.13. Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said to that certain saint which spake, how long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the Sanctuary and the Host to be trodden under foot?

Sorry my friends most of these events already happened in our faces and continues. The Romans were the last invading army who trampled the Host our people in 70 ad. They stuck around and brought in their nations of gentiles and others who adopted the faith. Israel became a nation of Hellenist Judaism and helenist Christians.  As Rome gained her power and slaughtered many nations to accepting her false religion, the standards and laws of The Most High was under attack.

They forced the peoples by the sword to accept the Sunday Sabbath  Of their sun god and to reject the Hebraic laws replacing it with grace. They also reject the feast days ordained by The Most High Creator and Christ. The laws of the universe, the laws of love life, nature, seasons and time has been changed to one of Satan’s likeness.

Many of our people are still waiting on these events in the future  when in truth we we are in so deep that we are unable to comprehend it. Thanks but no thanks! to the gentiles who twisted our books and introduced their theology of futurism, this madness is with purpose as we are once again wandering in the wilderness of delusion, this time not 40 years but 400 years

He will seek to change time and laws

He will seek to change time and laws

 The question is what are we going to do about it?. The Antichrist is a power in the earth but yet we keep looking for a man to come and do these things which we are already a part off. A system that is our every day life style and for many of us it is that place of worship. We live in A Roman society of Roman politics, Roman religions, a Roman Judicial system, Roman calendar and on a Roman clock.  Our day starts at midnight when in fact our Holy Creator’s calendar dictates that a new day starts at sunset.  Our months are corrupted and even bare the names of Romans Gods.

Many theologians and End time evangelists  are writing books and investing in beautiful websites, yet are not teaching the true gospel of Christ.  They speak harshly against the catholic church yet they invoke her same principles of extortion and lies.  We are also guilty just as Rome because we partake of her bread by following her tradition and laws which is rebellion to the Most High. Seriously! how can one learn t or teach our children prophecy based on old incorrect opinions of men who called themselves seminarians and scholars.

How can you be right when you are following a Gregorian satanic calendar or even the Babylonian Jewish Calendar? another disaster. One runs on a 365 day per year the other runs on 352 days per year, how come we don’t address these flaws? but all eyes are looking for the beast and in truth you are riding on the back of the Anti Christ looking in the distance for it with your bible binoculars.

All the prophecies in the bible are based on Jubilees of time ordained by our creator. Yes church leaders I am addressing these issues because you are keeping our people in bondage! but the truth will set some of us free. You continue the war of the enemy using this Greek Helenist Jesus, and a roman corrupt calendar to unravel propheies and misguiding the people in doing so. You teach us to reject the laws and the prophets because your falsified made up new age Jesus gave you a new covenant to replace the old books.

Christendom today has violated the biblical laws of ethics regarding time and seasons, she is the religious arm of the anti Christ power in the earth. These institutions have confused our time which we once knew, when had harmony with our heavenly father and all creation. They have thrown us off our feast days and the real 7th day; that we not fellowship the with the Father Son Holy Spirit and the angels. Sadly  babies are taught to sing Jesus loves the little children while being stared  away from the truth into traditions.

thnksgvg“The wearing out of the saints” Isn’t if funny or ironic that the Christians gave you Thanks Giving all in the name of Jesus but did you know why this seasonal holiday was instituted? Like locusts under the name of Christians they conquer lands and nations by deceit and build their high towers in big cities. Well to be short; after the native Americans our brothers taught them to survive and to hunt and plant the lands, these wicked seeds of the serpent invited them down to a planned ambush called Thanks giving.

The natives became the turkeys and after the ambush and massacre of our brothers they gave thanks for cleansing the land to their Greek Jesus and so it became a national worldly holiday. I have shown you little examples of the tyranny of this anti Christ even in the apostles time this power existed and hope that you do see.

1 John 2:18 “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.”

Jubilee’s Meaning
7yrs x 7 + 1 yr =1 jubilee year
7wks x 7 + 1 day =1 jubilee week

The word “jubilee” in the Old Testament is from the Hebrew word “yobel” or yovel” meaning “a ram’s horn, trumpet” or “coronet.” If someone announced the Jubilee, they would be actually blowing a trumpet and all of the congregation of Israel would be able to hear it. This refers to the ram’s horn trumpet that was blown to announce the freeing of the Hebrew slaves, who were to be Emancipated every fifty years..

The law provides that one may cultivate his field and vineyard six years, but “in the seventh year shall be . . . a Sabbath for the Lord,” during which one shall neither sow nor reap as hitherto for his private gain, but all members of the community—the owner, his servants, and strangers—as well as domestic and wild animals, shall share in consuming the natural or spontaneous yield of the soil.

The fiftieth year, i.e., that following the last year of seven Sabbatical cycles, is the jubilee; during it the land regulations of the Sabbatical year are to be observed, as is also the commandment “ye shall return every man unto his possession”indicating the compulsory restoration of hereditary properties (except houses of laymen located in walled cities) to the original owners or their legal heirs, and the emancipation of all

The regulations of the Sabbatical year include also the annulment of all monetary obligations between Israelites, the creditor being legally barred from making any attempt to collect his debt (Deut. xv. 1 et seq.). The law for the jubilee year has not this provision.

The Book Of Leviticus Chapter 25:8-12

“You shall count seven weeks of years, seven times seven years, so that the time of the seven weeks of years shall give you forty-nine years. Then you shall sound the loud trumpet on the tenth day of the seventh month. On the Day of Atonement you shall sound the trumpet throughout all your land. And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you, when each of you shall return to his property and each of you shall return to his clan. That fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; in it you shall neither sow nor reap what grows of itself nor gather the grapes from the undressed vines. For it is a jubilee. It shall be holy to you. You may eat the produce of the field.”

Without this understanding of time and dates prophetic calculations will be way off, because this is the time given to Moses and the children of Israel pertaining to a 364 day cycle. The Most High does everything in cycles of 7 as you can see in a 364 day year cycle we have 4 seasons each with 13 weeks. 13 x 4 = 52wks now 7 x 52weeks = 364 days = 1 year.
With this calendar there is no changing of days when a month changes.

Example the 1st of any month will not fall on any other day except on the 1st day of the week. Unlike Creations calendar the Roman calendar there is no order! a 1st day of a month may start on a Wednesday or Saturday etc. That is absolutely wrong according to scripture and hence is one of the reasons scholars cannot determine the correct day Christ was crucified and risen. They never took time to reveal the corruption by the Greeks and Romans regarding weeks or week or week of weeks. These are the shepherds over us today setup as angels of light.

Something to ponder, why are we having these catastrophic earth quakes and sink holes? The answer is we create it through greed. Man has changed the laws and times without regard to the Jubilee commanded by our creator.The earth was made to rest as per God’s program on the jubilee year, but the wicked world we live in we keep planting harvesting and drilling for oil and minerals 364/24/7.

The Sabbatic Year {3}Six years you shall sow your field, and six years you shall prune your vineyard and gather in its crop, {4}but during the seventh year the land shall have a sabbath rest, a sabbath to the LORD; you shall not sow your field nor prune your vineyard. {5}Your harvest’s after-growth you shall not reap, and your grapes of untrimmed vines you shall not gather; the land shall have a sabbatical year

The cavities created in the earth occurs because  she is not getting time to rest and replenish, so the fault lines have no lubricating protection. The earth is being drained of her minerals through “Genetic Chemo Agriculture” and industrialized extraction of substances as oil which lubricates the tectonics plate, copper silver gold and other metals. Then the hypocrites get up there and blame the hand of God for loss of life by  earth quakes!  the hopeless and ignorant cry out why will a loving God allow this to happen? Because by indulgence we are the problem, we patronize these tyrants.

Why not take the responsibility and be accountable my friends we are all part of this system and we fuel it by our participation.We walk aimlessly into lies and traditions of evil men posing as men of God who are guilty of changing God’s time and agenda. For example evangelist and scholar John D’barby a converto gentile who gave you the dispensation of biblical times.This man-made concept is the foundation of Christian prophecy today and its all a big lie, again another man changing our fathers times and laws based on a Gregorian calendar.

Why all these falsified doctrines? Because it was to their advantage to continue to have us as slaves, for example; the scripture shows in Leviticus after a period of six years a slave was to be set free and the master was to give him sustenance to live a good life in freedom but they went over board and we are still in slavery till this day. See that? another example of altering ordained time periods by excluding these time sequences ordained by God. I don’t believe Darby, Lincoln or George Washington for a minute these men were not our friends! the only man I ever believed wearing a bib is Prince {Purple Rain}

All that I have covered so far are the reasons they will tell you in the Churches that the old testament and the laws are done away with, and you believe them.They needed to keep us bound and blind to the facts that we will not resist or rise up, the exclusion of these truths were to keep the slave industry running continually for profit and riches.We were kept in bondage for a life time way longer than the word stipulated. The greater scheme was that you forget the holy days that you will have no power from above, they broke the silver chord by scattering our power throughout the four corners of the earth.

The Book Of Daniel 12:7 Then heard I the man with the linen clothes, which stood above upon the waters of the flood: when he held up his right and left hand unto heaven, and sware by him which liveth for ever that it shall tarry for a time, two times and half a time: & when the power of the holy people is clean scattered abroad, then shall all these things be fulfilled.

Moses warned us as a people to teach our children the laws and ordinances because he knew one day we will go into captivity. I quote from the book of Jubilees. I beg and urge you to take all these things seriously. The Book Of Jubilees Chapter

{29}And they placed them on the heavenly tablets, each had thirteen weeks; from one to another (passed) their memorial, from the first to the second, and from the second to the third, and from the third to the fourth.

{31}And all the days of the commandment will be two and fifty weeks of days, and (these will make) the entire year complete. Thus it is engraven and ordained on the heavenly tablets. And there is no neglecting (this commandment) for a single year or from year to year.

{32} And command thou the children of Israel that they observe the years according to this reckoning- three hundred and sixty-four days, and (these) will constitute a complete year, and they will not disturb its time from its days and from its feasts; for everything will fall out in them according to

{33} their testimony, and they will not leave out any day nor disturb any feasts. But if they do neglect and do not observe them according to His commandment, then they will disturb all their seasons and the years will be dislodged from this (order), [and they will disturb the seasons and the years

{34} will be dislodged] and they will neglect their ordinances. And all the children of Israel will forget and will not find the path of the years, and will forget the new moons, and seasons, and Shabbats

{35} and they will go wrong as to all the order of the years. For I know and from henceforth will I declare it unto thee, and it is not of my own devising; for the book (lies) written before me, and on the heavenly tablets the division of days is ordained.

Lest they forget the feasts of the covenant{ 36} and walk according to the feasts of the Gentiles after their error and after their ignorance. For there will be those who will assuredly make observations of the moon -how (it) disturbs the seasons and comes in from year to year ten days too soon.

Satan tries always to duplicate what the creator did so he created his calendar in the earth surrounding every one of his unholy feasts to himself. Easter, Christmas, January 1st New Years,Lent,All souls day, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanks Giving Day. Non of these are biblical holiday. It is evident that the Gregorian calendar was designed around Satan’s ritual days of worship the same concept of our creators calendar we reject today.

If one should ask the average Christian what are the biblical feasts of the bible they cannot tell you a thing and it is no fault of theirs but it is the system they are under. These culprits are Men and women who are intentionally using the word of God mixed with lies in loving tones.. the best lie one can tell is one that has 90% truth because a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Like the psalmist declares their words are smoother than butter but war is in their hearts

My name is Caleb For Real

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