The Clinton’s and UN’s Cruel Eugenics Of Haiti


Haiti: Out of great disgust for the manipulation of the Haitian people I present this follow up to a previous article regarding the robbers of nations and those who stayed silent for all these years. Quite recently we are seeing politicians and media groups  causing quite a stir by taking a very keen interest in the unfortunate state of Haiti. This is not out of genuine concern  for this nation but a political ploy to sink the Clintons for their sins, meanwhile they as guilty and accountable of knowing and doing nothing. Rather they stayed invisible enjoying the piggy backing and sharing in the spoils of the raping of the island of Haiti reveling  in lavish parties and playing golf.

This is not a topic to dictate anyone’s political preferences or to sway the audience views from one party to the other, but a wake up call for all Haitians. This is your moment when your wise men and women must come together on this world stage and make your case.  Take them in their own craftiness and not let your misfortune be used as a side show or a tool to solidify their aspirations in a presidential race. Trust not the politician! like a whore many nations give in to the gentleman caller of the night who offers her money and promises to get into her sweet spot. Now he who pays the whore demands his money worth in the bed of sin.  billIsrael has become a whore for she went whoring with the other nations and still committing whoredom with gentile nations. So Haiti be mad and be upset, but be mad at your own leaders first! for they opened up their chamber doors and in the harlots bed the gentleman caller got his desire. Hold your leaders accountable for putting you in harms way and taking away what you upheld for decades, for now they have exposed your nakedness. Republicans and Democrats take leisure in playing golf with your wealth; they are both party to the crimes against you. 

A term thrown around with a pretty name and sugar coated explanation is Eugenics, what is it?  Eugenics (/juːˈdʒɛnɪks/; from Greek εὐ- “good” and γενής “come into being, growing”) is a practice and a set of beliefs and that aim procure a master race bloodline by reducing the human population. This is done through many mediums which incorporates fast death or slow kills. Typically by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior, and promoting those judged to be superior. The concept predates the term; Plato suggested applying the principles of selective breeding to humans around 400 BC. Early advocates of eugenics in the 19th century regarded it as a way of improving groups of people. In contemporary usage, the term eugenics is closely associated with scientific racism and white supremacism.


Haiti as I explained before is the nation of Levites the seed Asan son of Aaron brother of Moses. If one will converse and ask any of the elders of Haiti what is his heritage they will tell you they are Asante or Ashanti, the “ti” or “te” signifies “the son of”. The Haitians originally from Israel; were brought from the Gold Coast or West Coast of  Africa today. In days of old the Levites the priestly kingdom always lived in close proximity to the kingly tribe of Judah and they were cousins by bloodline also. John the Baptiste and Christ were cousins john was Levite as Christ was of the lineage of Judah. The Levites because of ritualistic black magic indulgences with the Canaanites who are the children of Ham were stripped of the priesthood by The Most High Creator.


The Levites were the deacons, singers and also conducted priestly duties of animal sacrifice on feast days and holy days. Now you getting the picture of the origin voodoo practice which was a corruption of what was ordained by the creator? The invasion of the Roman army 70 ad was the Diaspora of the last two tribes Levite and Judah which includes Benjamin in Israel many of whom fled into the wildernesses of the African nations setting up their own communities.

 The map included is a 1747 map showing Asiante to the left and Juda in the West Coast of Africa , The levites and Judeans always lived in close proximity to each other. Hope now that you begin to understand why all the trouble and misfortune the Haitians suffer. The haitians being levites are descendants of Levite and are from a son of AARON called ASAN whereby the Haitians call themselves ASANTI .. “This means the son of” . Ask any of the ancients of HaitI and they will tell you they are Asanti


 In modern historical terms we often see the expression that Africans sold Africans as slaves,  but what they don’t tell you is that the Negroe Hebrew  lived amongst the African nations fleeing persecution from the Romans. We became naturalized citizens but were always a different blood line that of the Shemetic race, where as the so called Africans are off the Hametic lineage. Yes they sold us to the Greeks and the Arab nations!!! The Haitians are also a  hidden people of the bible made slaves and brought to the islands with chains on their necks on ships and they suffer the curses like all other Negroes of the islands of the sea. donald-trumpThe the UN orchestrated this takeover making Bill Clinton the UN’s envoy for Haitian affairs. During that period he devastated the Haitian rice economy forcing Haiti to drop tariffs on imported, subsidized US rice during his time in office. The policy wiped out Haitian rice farming and seriously damaged Haiti’s ability to be self-sufficient. The UN and all European elites of the world and  including the British Crown, they all conspired so they can eventually now have a hold o Haiti by this evil ingenious scheme. The Clinton foundation is the umbrella and gateway of this international Western Euro invasion.



In congress alone there are 50 percent of Jewish men who were all instrumental in Wall street manipulation and the crashing of financial markets. This fraud left the lower class and middle class of America debt slaves and paupers and still recovering from the rubble of poverty. These men and women eyes are set on the gold and oil and for centuries  were very familiar with the eventual demise of Haiti.This assault has been planned and is now in action since the 1800’s. Haiti was always air marked to be invaded and ethnically cleansed.

The evidence of the suffering of this nation for centuries with no type of assistance from other countries but sanctions is just another sign to us that we are the of true Israel suffering in captivity. The elites like the Red Cross and the Clinton’s exploited the vulnerabilities of the disastrous earth quake as opportunity to get in and setup shop. 10 billion dollars in donations and pledges  is still unaccounted for , the control of prime real estate and gold mines are under foreign control. The UN admitting turning loose cholera on the natives, how inhumane is that? The cholera out break was another attempt at eugenics!

Human rights groups working with thousands of victims of cholera in Haiti have reacted with jubilation to the United Nation’s first tacit admission that it was to blame for the devastating outbreak of the disease that has claimed as many as 30,000 lives and infected more than two million people. For the past six years, the world body has doggedly refused to address the issue of how its own peacekeepers, relocated from Nepal to Haiti in 2010 in the wake of a major earthquake, imported the deadly cholera bacterium with them.

Studies have found that the UN troops could have been screened for the illness, and the disaster averted, for as little as $2,000 (then £1,400). In a statement first reported by the New York Times, the office of the secretary-general of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, said that the organization had decided to step up its efforts to fight back cholera in one of the world’s poorest countries. “Over the past year the UN has become convinced that it needs to do much more regarding its own involvement in the initial outbreak and the suffering of those affected by cholera,” said Farhan Haq, Ban’s deputy spokesman.


As  “Ole Billy Goat Gruff” opened the cracks, the leeches slid right in after the oil and gold mines, “the hook in the jaw” that drew in so many like Hillary’s kin brother Mr Tony Rodman now on board the Clinton’s foundation. It is no more coincidence that Hillary and “Ole Billy goat gruff” are spearheading these operation. One thing which caught my attention is her choice of a role model, the likes of Margaret Sanger who founded and imposed the eugenics programs on blacks in Americas and Caribbean. The alarming poster below was posted in New York City without shame, but was a clear message to our people to watch your A double s.

You see my friends Haiti was once a stolen French colony populated largely by enslaved “so called” Africans and Creoles, Haiti won independence in 1804 when the enslaved population and the colony’s free-blacks and mulattoes united to expel European Gentile heathen colonial powers. Over the next two centuries, however, scientific racism, Social Darwinism, and eugenics repeatedly challenged Haiti’s legitimacy as an independent nation. The elite bloodlines will never forget the spiritual beating they received from the locals with machetes. The French got a taste of divine intervention and still hurt from such an embarassment so all the families of the West conspired to turn on the hurt button and punish the nation till she bends. The so-called sciences nonetheless insisted that the Haitian people were barbarous, and thus in 1915, the US government had a pretext to invade and occupy Haiti (Hurbon, 1987). The US instituted the national “Hygiene Service” to combat diseases like syphilis and “cleanse” the country which was only a front in order to carry out their evil plot to exterminate. Discourse about cleansing, however, ultimately led to mass extermination in 1937, when the Dominican military, largely built by the US, tried to massacre every Haitian who had crossed into the Dominican Republic.

This is an election year so everyone who already knew what was going on in Haiti are now coming out and pointing fingers at the Clintons when they were all part of this conspiracy. Reporters, the media, bloggers, politicians all had wind of the situation in Haiti and did or say anything for eight years. All world governments are in play here and Donald Duck knew of these atrocities but they are all party to this big scheme in Haiti and are now chastising the Clintons to win black support by opening up these investigations.  sanger-quoteBut I warn you Haiti! do not! get sucked in to looking at Donald Duck as your savior because this politics is a two headed snake, one belly that craves wealth and power. I am amazed at the churches campaigning for Hillary Clinton and promoting her as some saviour . The the churches on the left in strong support for Donald trump! What has happened to my people? we are not to involve our selves or sit in the seats of the scornful. This is bigger than the Clinton’s, the powers are already at work and Donald Duck will only be another C.E.O and Portfolio Manager over you as you fast become a stock ticker symbol.

In the following video pay attention to uncle Tom Ben Carson. Ben the biggest undercover advocate and promoter for abortion seen pulling out the dirt on Hillary. The question is why is Mr Carson now bringing this to light when knowledge of these things were always known within the political circles? The answer is simple, these truths are farmed and stored  for use at the appointed time during an election. The issues are never addressed from within but is used as leverage for black mail, to force the opponent out and to used to win votes. 


Mr Trump knows all too well the conditions of our people here in the US and Caribbean as well as the whole world. Its amazing with no shame he uses this and admits it just to win votes within the black communities. He bellows out “what do you have to lose” you have nothing, no jobs, your schools are horrible. This is in your face stuff and still many of you don’t get it. He goes on to blame the current administration for your condition while this is an ongoing project of the elite and exists for decades upon decades. The bible tells us trust in no man for the flesh is deceitful above everything else.

imsnakeHillary Clinton or Donald Trump! two heads one direction! is not the right answer but you will vote anyhow. In doing so vote with wisdom understanding the time because these are perilous times.Trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not on your own understanding. Mark my words it will all come to fruition,nothing will come out all the hoopla. I see our people arguing with at each other and further divided ,those who claiming to be democrats and the others republican like fools. Time again will prove that we have not learned a damn thing. The powers that be only pretends to hear your cry when they need votes to keep the gig going.  Visit this topic again in 4 years and tell me I was wrong or right 

kaleb Yahdiel

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