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  • Sherley says:

    Hello Kaleb;

    I happened to stumble across your page as I was seeking more information about Haitians being Levites and what are roles are. As of last year I learned that I was a Levite and having been doing extensive bible study with my boyfriend who is from the Judah line. As I am still learning about who I am and what my role is I’ve been doing research when I can. So when I came across your page I was like WOW someone who has been doing their research.

    I was wondering if my boyfriend and I can contact you or you can contact us so we can talk more about our roles of the true Kings and Queens of our Father Yahuah.

    • webmazoor70 says:

      Thank you for visiting all I can say is I am happy that your eyes are opened and keep reading the word and study diligently..Learn to follow the old ways because it is a way of life and not religion..Fast and prayer ask for wisdom and understanding in all things

  • Alegra Bahar says:

    Hi, My name is Ally a photographer from Australia. I see that you are been using one of my images of the Himba girl, holding two goats, topless. You haven’t asked for permission and I ask you to delete this image and not use it again, otherwise I will have to file a complaint.


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