The Cursed Cross Of The Christian Religions

the-eagleHitler used the cross to conquer: Lets talk to the so called church today! because my question to you is how long are you going to keep bowing to these people and their gods?  Beloveth have you ever heard the term the papal bull? A papal bull is something coming from the Pope stamped with his authority and bears his seal of authentication. This is named after the lead seal (bulla), which was appended to the end in order to authenticate it. Just as mainstream religion is stamped and controlled by the Vatican.

This article will help you to understand the irony and disgust in wearing a cross around your neck and even worse to have it in your place of worship. As a matter of fact the scriptures says cursed is any man that is hung from a tree, this alone should give you a clear indication that we are not to use this idol or symbology to represent the Christ. This is an abomination and a mockery.

CROSSYou my Christian brothers and sisters it is time to give up this false religion and its practices. Christianity is not the movement or the  teachings of  Jesus Christ Messiah! and I got to tell it whether you want to hear it or not. Our Messiah never taught or knew anything about the cross being a symbol of his life and his sacrifice to his people Israel.

My question to you is this; if your mother or father was killed by a gun will you take a gun and hang it around your neck? The cross is an instrument of punishment which the Romans used on their captives and to control the masses. The cross dates way back to the Egyptians and their black magic. The cross also symbolizes the rise of the sun God Tammuz Tau and its babylonian pagan ties. How did we adopt this graven image and its sinfulness of idol worship and paganism?

raphael1This hoax begins with Constantine who claims he saw a vision of the Sun god; Sol Invictus with the shining cross and proclaimed it had the inscription conquer with this sign. His mother was also a big actor in this scheme of which we will discuss further. There was great anxiety about this omen so  the Pagan temples and the Catholics got together in Nice and they created the Nicene creed, which we were all forced to learn and recite in primary schools.

As a little boy indoctrinated into the Anglican faith I remember all the congregation had to swear by it in church “the apostles creed”. Alarming to many of you but the pope gave these priests and explorers the Papal bull with his insignia that where ever they conquered, they were to make those they considered heathens turn to  Roman Christianity.

CRUS0000CrusadersThe decree also included an alternative which was to kill anyone who resisted to be converted to this demonic Cross religion. The Pope insisted that his mercenaries take our land and our wealth and change their names to our names. Bearing the red cross of Rome, Constantine continued the crusades, persecution and the conversion of our people into this new Christian religion.

There is no excuse in this world for people who know this truth to be still giving in to these pagan customs. Ironic is that protestant churches always call out the RC church as an antichrist institution and idol worshipers but yet they follow many of her traditions.

columbus_1772950bRightly so the bible makes reference to the daughters of the harlot who as her nature denotes spoiled many nations including Jerusalem around 334 AD. This cross became the symbol of Christianity as tyrants all over the Western world and embossed in their emblemed fabrics  on flags and their attire. I thank the most high that he has given me the opportunity to reveal these things to you my brethren. It hurts everyday as the truth is made clearer but an honor to serve you with the wisdom
given me by a Sovereign creator.

sun-worshipThe vision of Constantine was not from the god of Israel but one from his Sun god which was explained in prophecy as the beast was wrath with the woman and persecuted her. The woman represents the house of Israel whom these Christians explorers and priests enslaved manipulated and killed in the name of their white washed  Euro Jesus. These Religions have not rectified the wrong that exists and the sins committed against the indigenous peoples of the world.

They robbed, raped, butchered, inject their European images in our books and killed in the name of a crucifix. According to legend, Helena Augustas, mother of Constantine the, at the age of 80 traveled to Jerusalem and supposedly found they labeled as  the True Cross, the ” made up cross” upon which they said  Messiah was believed to have been crucified.

This visit took place around 325, and Helena visited the Holy Land as a representative of the emperor in order to view the places where the Messiah had lived and died. She became interested in locating the instrument of the Messiah’s death which was they called the “True Cross.” There are a number of versions on how this mysterious  “cross” was found.Helena as her husband claimed to had dreams telling her the where abouts of this “cross” an were it was buried. 

This fantasy received a lot of attention as it was spoken about got much by the gentiles  became popular in the middle ages. Helena insisted on the the people of Jerusalem to tell her of the location of this mystery cross. When the Jewish religious leaders of the city stayed tight lipped and  silent, she punishes one of them, a man named Judas Quiriacus, in a well until he agrees to show her the site.

As reported by this Roman fraudulent writing , after seven days, he prays to some god for guidance and reveals the location. As a result, Helena conveniently finds the “three crosses,” nails, and title under a pagan temple! As if the story could become any more fantastic. A dead girl is brought to the site to determine which is the right “cross.” Upon being touched by the “True Cross,” she is restored to life!

Helena was made a saint for her role in finding the “cross.” According to this Catholic mythology, a portion of the cross remained in Jerusalem, where it was exhibited on certain Holy Days. The remainder was divided between Rome and Constantinople. A portion of the title was sent to Rome, where it was hidden and then found again in the 16th century.

Within fifteen years, Cyril, the bishop of Jerusalem, announced the wide spread distribution of the “True Cross” as a relic: “The holy wood of the cross gives witness: it is here to be seen in this very day, and through these who take [pieces] from it in faith, it has from here already filled almost the whole world” The veneration of the cross on Good Friday in Jerusalem by the Romans spread into Western practices.

As Catholicism developed into a fully pagan mystery religion — and the relic received greater distribution  the Veneration of the Cross feasts on September 14 emerged, which involved similar blatantly unholy pagan observances. All rational people today realize that all such ‘discoveries’ are nothing more than pious and fraudulent and also the myth of this true cross is equally spurious. This is especially true since it can be demonstrated that Christ was NOT even crucified on a Latin or Greek cross. Christ had to die according to all that was written of him under Hebrew laws.

Count the cost! I am the sleepless watchman watching on your walls and sounding the horn!

Kaleb Charlz


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