Easter has stolen Passover From Our Nation


As we concluded the 2019 Passover it is a fact that many of us have been brain washed by mainstream Christian organizations to reject it. Why is that? Because the true body of Messiah has been compromised! The bible we read references that the antichrist power was at work even in the apostles time.  The WORD Anti means against and any doctrine from any man, church or angel that teaches to go against what Christ instructed, they are antichrist. In the apostles era  it was the religious Judeans organizations, politicians and the wealthy natives who were Hellenized by the Greeks and  Romans who hated and opposed the holy assembly of Israel or {The Qahal}.

If one should bring to memory the one thing Messiah Yeh’sha requested of the apostles at his last passover feast. They were told to CONTINUE the passover as often as they can in his remembrance until he returns, this should be an eye opener to everyone. This is the one and only specific holiday and feast he asked us to do in his memory, not Christmas, Not Easter! . The sole reason is as Moshe was our deliverer out of bondage from Mitraim{Egypt} that he is our deliverer and savior out of this Babylon in the future.

{Exodus Chapter 13 versese 6-10}

{6} Seven days thou shalt eat unleavened bread, and in the seventh day shall be a feast to the LORD.

{7} Unleavened bread shall be eaten throughout the seven days; and there shall no leavened bread be seen with thee, neither shall there be leaven seen with thee, in all thy borders.

{8}And thou shalt tell thy son in that day, saying: It is because of that which the LORD did for me when I came forth out of Egypt.

{9} And it shall be for a sign unto thee upon thy hand, and for a memorial between thine eyes, that the law of the LORD may be in thy mouth; for with a strong hand hath the LORD brought thee out of Egypt.

{10} Thou shalt therefore keep this ordinance in its season from year to year

The hierarchy of the anti-christ western religions will never be humbled to accept the truth. Argument and debate is her rebellious nature and sarcasm their weapons of choice. Daniel forecasted that the people of the prince will come and profane the holy land and his people. The people of the prince of darkness “Satan” were the Romans and the other gentile nations who had joined the roman fleet. Key point to keep in mind as from that time on these have perverted doctrinal truth and many of her children branched off from her and established the protestant churches. This is the reason in scripture this empire is called the mother of harlots, her children known collectively as the modern church today.
But to the wise I bring you knowledge of our Alohim and the wisdom to seek truth and obedience. Yehshay’eh said “I love those who love me and if you love me you will keep my commandments and statutes. “You get it? As Moshe reminded our people of the importance of the Passover in Exodus Chapter 13-9. So did Christ commanded his people Israel to do Passover or Peshac always in remembrance of him, till he comes again to redeem his Elect Israel. Western religion has setup the rebellion in our hearts as they pit Yehshay’eh against his father by proclaiming their “new age Jesus” abolished the laws and statutes commanded by his father. The text below clearly shows on Passover night what Christ instructed!

{2nd Thessalonians 2:10}
{23} For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, that the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread: {24} And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me. {25} After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, this cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me.

Why are we sick today and die like flies? The apostle Paul addressed this by showing the importance of doing the Passover as Christ commanded. Paul chastised our brothers and sisters and told them they are sick and die because they do not partake of the Passover feast with a pure heart. Paul was chairing the Passover feast and resolving the contention amongst the brethren. I have tried to enlighten many of these issues but always greeted with harsh criticism because the brain wash of the Hellenized Eurocentric religions have blinded and bewitched our people. No matter what truth and facts be presented to them they reject it and twist Paul’s writings to justify their religious delusions.

Because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.{11} And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:{12} That they all might be damned who believed not the truth

The heresies and variance in doctrine displays contention between our heavenly father and his son and also Paul against Christ. As this psychology is depicted and adopted by our people then it is becomes an example for the sheep. This rebellion for the authority of The most high creator sets the stage for disparity in the marriage and family life. Wife and husband in discord, children opposing parents and never functioning as one unit always seemingly opposed. These worldly religious values has spawned this attitude by exhibiting that divide between father and son. These institutions have destroyed the fabric of true Christianity of old and has perched herself on the branches of your hearts to be rebellious to the truth.
This evil new found Christianity created by Rome continued her mission by bloodshed and force just as Islam and spoiled many nations. They took our Apache brothers by deceit with a cross to win their souls, trinkets for their gold, and then swords, and buried them in holes. They took our names and gave us theirs for a curse, they stole our identity and gave us another, they took our holy days and gave us their western pagan holi-days. Like Easter dedicated to the queen of heaven which replaced the passover , Christmas dedicated to Tammuz and others like Columbus Day. “Yes the murderer and rapist” the enemy of the real people of Eh’YAH, you and me.

{Isaiah Chapter 65:15}:My servants will shout joyfully with a glad heart, But you will cry out with a heavy heart, And you will wail with a broken spirit. {15}“You will leave your name for a curse to My chosen ones, And the Lord GOD will slay you. But My servants will be called by another name.

How did they bewitch us? Easy; as like putting Christ’s name on the Wheaties box. They marketed this false worship using the messiah of Nazareth and a twisted carnal interpretation of scripture. We bought it, we ate it, we drank it and now our people are in a stupor and are sick. Why will you believe and follow the same nations of gentiles who killed and persecuted our prophets and Messiah? The same people who raped and killed our mothers and fathers in the name of their European Jesus? Think about that! Our scrolls and records were hijacked by the enemy and now they relegate doctrines of devils to further deceive us into more rebellion.

Today family, or (mishpocha) in our native Hebrew tongue. You are not of Ham as the Western church made you believe! You are not under that curse of the Canaanites, you are not a negro, coon , nigger, nappy head, devil, sambo or any of the bywords by which you are called. We are a Shemetic race, offspring of Shem and of the 12 tribes of Israel. This includes the true natives of the Americas, The Caribe, Arawak, Aboriginees of Australia, Many of our people left in Afrika, Elam, The Caribbean etc. Raise your head up high and teach your children the truth..
Bob Marley, Steel pulse and the reggae greats told us in songs, and we danced, we all marveled at their understanding of the times and our history. Funny when the music stopped it did not impact us the least bit because we just wanted to dance and feel good. Now one like yourself shows the same without the music and the bass. This is not dancing time but the hour to chose who you going to serve. I leave with this a great source of wisdom and knowledge. This woman Judiyah is my sister and friend and great teacher.


Sit with your husbands, wives and kids enjoy and indulge in truth and knowledge together. Let us all to enlighten our children of their history, instill in them and assure them of our prestigious beginnings, when we once walked as kings and queens. Our beginnings and history was not started on the Santa Maria and cotton plantations. I wish you all peace and good health, enjoy Pass-over or Pesach and let it bring to mind when we were delivered by Moshe from slavery out of the land of Ham. Today we are in the land of our captivity once again according to prophecy, but this time will be our Christ as he will deliver us in great power and vengeance on the oppressors.

This is the watchman on the wall
kaleb Charlz

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