“Eugenics” The Eradication Of A Nation

THE-NEGRO-PROJECTEUGENICS is the social philosophy advocating the improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for Whites with desired traits (positive eugenics), or reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization of Negroes , American Indians with less-desired or undesired traits  or both. While eugenic principles have been practiced as far back in world history as Ancient Egypt, the reemergence of eugenics began in the early 20th century when a popular eugenics movement emerged in the United Kingdom and spread to many countries, including the United States and most European countries.

Consequently, many Euro countries including the US adopted eugenic policies meant to improve the genetic stock of their countries. Such programs often included both “positive” measures, such as encouraging individuals deemed particularly “fit” to reproduce, and “negative” measures such as marriage prohibitions and forced sterilization of people deemed unfit for reproduction. People deemed unfit to reproduce often included people with mental or physical disabilities, people who scored in the low ranges of different IQ tests, criminals and deviants, and members of disfavored minority groups especially the Negroe.

                     Israels forced birth control to Ethiopian Jew

The Israeli government has admitted to forcing female Ethiopian Jewish migrants into having contraceptive injections without their knowledge or consent. The women were deceived and told that the Depo-Provera injections were vaccinations and that unless they had them, they would be refused entry to Israel.

When Israel’s Ethiopian community became suspicious of a dramatic decline in birth rates, investigations began to determine why. The Israeli government denied any wrongdoing but the health ministry has ordered a complete halt to all gynecologists administering the drugs.

SANGARWThe multiple fast growing abortion centers in black neighborhoods are evidence and reminiscent of this disguised evil and our young women gravitate towards the sick philosophy of sick activists. These pretentious movements are designed to depopulate and make our nation extinct,the woman does have a choice as every human person, but we all have that liberty to choose right from wrong. They have messed us up with their psychology and gentile teachings, every life we give consent to terminate we become murderers and will be accountable for the death and mutilation at the slaughter houses. The system has made our women believe that your child is a liability and will hold you back from reaching your full potential or being what you are destined to be career wise. The suttle advertisement are played without shame and wounds our integrity by advertisement like these placed in NYC a couple years ago

 Let us go back in time to the first planned eugenics operation imposed on our people. From The Book Of Exodus Chapter 1:16 :When Joseph was dead and all his brethren and all that generation: the children of Israel grew, increased, multiplied and waxed exceeding mighty: so that the land was full of them. Then there rose up a new king in Egypt which knew not Joseph. And he said unto his folk: behold the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we. Come on, let us play wisely with them: lest they multiply, and then (if there chance any war) they join themselves unto our enemies and fight against us, and so get them out of the land. And he set taskmasters over them, to keep them under with burdens.

And they built unto Pharaoh treasure cities: Phiton and Raamses. But the more they vexed them, the more they multiplied and grew: so that they abhorred the children of Israel. And the Egyptians held the children of Israel in bondage without mercy, and made their lives bitter unto them with cruel labor in clay and brick, and all manner work in the fields, and in all manner of service, which they caused them to work cruelly. And the king of Egypt said unto the midwives of the Hebrews’ women, of which the one’s name was Sephora and the other Phua: when ye midwife the women of the Hebrews and see in the birth time that it is a boy, kill it. But if it be a maid, let it live. Notwithstanding the mid-wives feared God, and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them: but saved the men children.

1billboard110427162246The ironic thing is that today, our women never win in this battle, you lose a child, you loose five hundred dollars to the butcher, You are now on the hot seat for eternal damnation, and the butcher doctors sell your baby tissues for thousands of dollars for stem cell research. The eugenics of our people continued throughout biblical history as you all read the killing of the male child is Satan’s goal through his seed as they continually hunts and persecutes us. The extermination of our people and the spiritual religious corruption should be a constant reminder that we are the children of Israel bound for greatness and future rulers of the new world to come. The prophet Jeremiah lamented about our people running for their lives in the parts of where is called Africa today, their skin got burned and scorched and when captured hung on trees. This same genocide was repeated throughout the Americas and even today with the rising of the KKK our lives are still in danger

Lamentations 5:9 We must get or living with the peril of our lyues, because of the drougth of the wilderness. Lamentations 5:10 Oure skynne is as it had been burnnt in an ouen, for very sore hunger. Lamentations 5:11 The wives are rauished in Sion, & the maidens in the cities of Juda. Lamentations 5:12 The princes are hanged up with the hand of the enemies, they haue not spared the old age men, Lamentations 5:13 they have taken younge mens liues from them, and the boys are hanged up vpon trees.

The hanging of our young men on trees is nothing new as it portrays the insult that a person was a disgrace and was the basest individual in the eyes of creation. We saw this practice engaged by the Babylonians, Greeks, the Romans adopting this form of death in a way to mock us of our own laws. The earth is under the rulership of the Roman Empire  who are really Edomite idumean bloodlines children of Esau spread throughout the world and the Americas. This is Evidence by the ethnic killing of the native Americans, lynching of young blacks all over the Americas in the the 19th and 20th century and recently and recently. Like the Sheriff’s boys viciously hung Sandra Bland in her prison cell after she was pulled over and arrested for a traffic incident. R.I.P Sandra

blandThis eugenics has disguised itself and plumed new branches in the form of Police brutality and aggression against our young men and women, the unjust captivity of our men in prison houses, the sending our young men to fight on foreign battle fields in unjust wars in front line battles, the distribution and sales of the lowest grade fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores, and an education system designed for our kids to be failures, liquor stores and fry chicken shops on every corner. This is not just happening in the United States as I can prove once again and unravel the mystery of this wicked master plan against our people like those of us in Haiti


Haiti as an example are the land of the levites they are of Hebrew lineage and the plan was always to eliminate this people. The Haitians refer to themselves as Asante and rightfully so for they are the descendants of Asan the son of Aaron, brother of Moshe. There is evidence from maps that  tribe of Judah and the Levites {Asanti} lived close together on the west coast of Africa. The evidence of the suffering of this nation for centuries with no type of assistance from other countries but sanctions is just another sign to us that we are the true Israel suffering in captivity.

HILLARYThe elites like the Red Cross and the Clinton’s exploited the vulnerabilities of the disastrous earth quake as opportunity to get in and setup shop. 10 billion dollars in donations and pledges  is still unaccounted for , the control of prime real estate and gold mines are under foreign control. The gold mines, the hook that drew in so many like Hillary’s kin brother Mr Tony Rodman now onboard the Clinton’s foundation. It is no more coincidence that Hilary and Billy are spearheading these operation. One thing which caught my attention is her choice of a role model, the likes of Magaret Sanger who founded and imposed the eugenics programs on blacks in Americas and Caribbean

You see my friends Haiti was once a stolen French colony populated largely by enslaved “so called” Africans and Creoles, Haiti won independence in 1804 when the enslaved population and the colony’s free-blacks and mulattoes united to expel European Gentile heathen colonial powers. Over the next two centuries, however, scientific racism, Social Darwinism, and eugenics repeatedly challenged Haiti’s legitimacy as an independent nation.

The so-called sciences nonetheless insisted that the Haitian people were barbarous, and thus in 1915, the US government had a pretext to invade and occupy Haiti (Hurbon, 1987). The US instituted the national “Hygiene Service” to combat diseases like syphilis and “cleanse” the country which was only a front in order to carry out their evil plot to exterminate. Discourse about cleansing, however, ultimately led to mass extermination in 1937, when the Dominican military, largely built by the US, tried to massacre every Haitian who had crossed into the Dominican Republic.

sanger-quoteEugenics has two major portals transformed, one a more stealth type of killing, slow and long term physically and the other a spiritual decapitation of our people from the One True Holy father we once trusted as a nation. The spiritual Eugenics was organized and concocted by the same elements of this gentile leadership in the earth. After they high jacked our holy scrolls and fast tracked this new Christianity they fed us their perceptions and concepts which was and is contrary to our laws and prophets.

The scheme was to now train our men in their ways through seminaries to continue the spiritual eugenics as ministers and pastors. The acceptance of the 501C is evidence of these black preachers sin against their own people as they taught us to disregard the dietary laws which is absolutely important to our longevity and health. Swines flesh and all sorts of flesh we were commanded not to consume as it will make us sick unto death , we are a dying race of diabetics, heart disorders, cancer patients ,dementia chronic arthritis, kidney failure because of the coaxing into falsified doctrines.

JW Player needs a key.

As you read these examples the onslaught continues through out third world countries and around us ,but our bellies are full we close our eyes and slumber. Truth today offends and men as myself are viewed as conspiracy theorists or terrorists but only the truth will set us free. We are a peculiar people unplugged from from reality and the source of our power so hence we are manipulated, our disobedience is like kryptomite to our souls. The other nations understands our weaknesses and exploits it by providing the evil things and makes it quite accessible to us that we are further removed from house of power.

They took away our prophets and healers and gave us alchemists and doctors many of whose jobs are to kills us with pharmaceutical patches which only masks symptoms and destroys other body parts. Don’t ever think for moment that there will be equal rights for our people in this Babylon, we are in the land of our captors and only certain privileges are there for us to sustain as we fuel their economy. You can protest and march as loud and walk as far as you like its all in vain! You put your trust in these politicians and these governments and they will pacify you speaking on both sides of their mouths, they fix a pot hole or two and host block parties and barbeques in your neighborhoods but you and I will never be accepted. This is not our homes so expect nothing but live unto the Most High daily and be patient in long suffering believing our redemption is near.

The goal was always been to wipe us off the face of the earth that our names will be remembered no more, they are all confederate against our people. Our true government and our King is Christ and the 1440000  getting ready to rise again to take back this kingdom and recompense this evil world for all the things they did to us while in captivity. First we have to understand these things by prayer research and meditation on the scriptures. Obedience is better than sacrifice and if we should walk in the old ways not seeking revenge and casting evil for evil, understanding that the things that are happening to us is also a sign that we are the people of the bible. Take action and speak peace to your neighbor and serve God putting aside all these demonic traditions of this world, then he will hear from us and say to us here I am “Hineni”

The prison system, the Magistrates, Judges and law enforcement all have a dark side at work against the children of Israel! isn’t it evident?

Court judge holding gavel and bible, close-up (Digital Composite)

The Book Of Amos Chapter 5:12 :As for the multitude of your wickedness and your stout sins, I know them right well. Enemies are ye of the righteous, ye take bribes, ye oppress the poor in judgement. Therefore the wise must now be forced to hold his tongue, so wicked a time is it.

{14}You make us a byword among the nations, A laughingstock among the peoples. Psalms 44:14

“You shall become a horror, a proverb, and a taunt among all the people where the LORD drives you. Deut 28:36“Among those nations you shall find no rest, and there will be no resting place for the sole of your foot; but there the LORD will give you a trembling heart, failing of eyes, and despair of soul. 66″So your life shall hang in doubt before you; and you will be in dread night and day, and shall have no assurance of your life

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

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