Fear Factor the Corporate mind game

Run For Your Life

Major Corporations  and Governments of the world have mastered this technique of instilling fear and anxiety in order to propel impulsive behaviour in clients, consumers and even more excruciating are patients trapped by corporate medicinal practices. Fear factor is also used on “the people” to sway votes on new laws and wars to be set in place.You got to understand that knowledge is power and those who wholeheartedly seek out knowledge and wisdom are the ones going to be calling the shots and are the ones who get ahead.


Oh my God! What I am going to do? Oh no I can’t believe this!

It has been scientifically proven that fear anxiety and stress dramatically shuts down the immune system, dropping that shield of protection against foreign invaders to the body which propels sickness like a bullet. The corporate world of finance and medicine understand this to well and are masters at this game. When fear and anxiety is activated in our bodies we are desperate and unstable and make silly decisions about our life about our wealth and this is taken advantage of at those moments by these devils in pretty suits and fancy talk.

Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Portfolio Managers these are the masters of this art and understand fully when to deploy this tecnique, that will entice you to make hasty and unwise decisions leaving you broke with a basket of woes. Unknowing to you big companies study and research  these behaviours in humans in order to make money,  these professionals have their own language and flair and when they consult with you its like you being in Timbuktu listening to record playing backwards, but in between there are keywords repeated which you understand, how sad is that.?

Nothing they say makes real sense to you but the parts you understand are the lines they simplified to let you know that you need to do so and so otherwise you will die or you will lose your house etc.

They are masters at this craft pretending they really care but you are just a meal ticket and part of a revolving door, you in your ignorance believe these men because they got 40 certificates on their walls from Ivy League Colleges not understanding that these boys and Girls belong to Fraternities and their goal is to be rich and powerful at your expense.

Do your research and learn not to be fearful or anxious about anything and you will make the right choices in time of trouble.Solomon was a very wise man well learned and grounded in every discipline he had knowledge to burn.My advise once again is to read good books, study your Proverbs and seek after “THE MOST HIGH” he will direct your paths. Do not sign your life and money away to these men, the Chemo man lives of bounty money of lives he stole, the bankers live of profits from money earned by stealing and blood shed, they will all answer one day. You are not to take this lightly my friends… you are called to be wise as the serpent and  gentle as doves

There is a true saying and I love it “ my people perish because of lack of knowledge”

Kaleb Charlz

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