Gallery Of Our Tears



These are some of our poverty stricken brethren around the World  from Africa, India Australia to the the West Indies and we should always be mindful of their dilemma as they suffer through famine pestilence and sicknesses . Don’t ever once forget them through their struggle and that we pray always for our salvation and theirs. We are a special and a peculiar people do not forget that! Thought the nations of the world think otherwise we are the children chosen by the GOD Of ZION


Our people cry out for liberation and equal rights looking to unjust men and politicians, but how are we to be liberated while we are unwilling to liberate or own selves and trust in fools.

Our liberation comes not from the signing of papers and documents with lying pens but our liberator is the Most High God who judges justly and will hear the plea of a contrite heart.

We search the dark places that appears to be of light and join hands with the gate keepers of our captivity. Our liberation comes not from million men marches or picket lines, but a million praying saints recognizing our forefathers sins and our very own.

Until we mourn the sins of our brethren past the shackles keeps us in servitude and poverty. Our liberation comes when all the atrocities that we suffer comes to mind and we recognize that we are the ones and he is our God, then only will he turn the hearts of the wicked and give us favour.

by Kaleb Charlz

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