Hidden Accounts of Gentile Tyranny & The Pagan Corruption Of Our People

Many error in not knowing the scriptures! what scriptures? the scriptures meaning the old testament! The original texts were written in Hebrew and then the Greek, during the first and perhaps the second centuries of the Christian Era, the Greek version was popular as it was the common language of the Eastern Mediterranean from the Conquests of Alexander the Great (335–323 BC) until the Muslim conquests in the 7th century AD. All the works that eventually became incorporated into the New Testament are believed to have been written no later than around 150 AD.

These scrolls of the prophets and many others which were hidden from us as forbidden were our guide to our inheritance. The savior told many scholars and religious leaders that they error not knowing the scriptures pertaining to him and his people Israel. The cruelty by the Greeks on our people was so horrific and their descendants like Martin Luther made it their duty to hide historical biblical evidence from their  already modified bibles. The likes of these men continued to inject the images of their ancestors in our literature and to hide the sins of their forefathers.

We don’t know these scriptures because the slave were taught that these other writings were taboo and black magic. This was all done so that their future plans as prophecy dictates will go undetected by the whole world. The sole purpose of keeping us blind is to destroy us and steal our inheritance of the earth,  but let us reveal the enemy most of our people are serving today.

The 1st Macabbees Chapter 3 :46

{46} Wherefore the Israelites assembled themselues together, and came to Maspha ouer-against Ierusalem; for in Maspha was the place where they prayed aforetime in Israel. {47} Then they fasted that day, and put on sackecloth, and cast ashes vpon their heads, and rent their clothes: {48} And laid open the booke of the Law, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likenesse of their images.

{49}They brought also the Priestes garments, and the first fruits, and the tithes, and the Nazarites they stirred vp, who had accomplished their dayes {50} Then cried they with a loud voice toward heauen, saying, What shall we doe with these, and whither shall we cary them away? {51} For thy Sanctuarie is troden downe and profaned, and thy Priestes are in heauinesse, and brought low. {52} And loe, the heathen are assembled together against vs, to destroy vs: what things they imagine against vs, thou knowest. The world of Christianity cries Jesus! Jesus! come into my life and they expect some miracle rush, but Christ declared outrightly that he is THE WORD. {the living word of the father}. Christ said to us his people follow me! You missed it did you? Christ is saying obey the words I tell you which is from my father , when we have the word at our lips and in our hearts; that is Christ in your life!  As he said, I am the way the truth and the life. Christ is not some Demi god who will pop into your being like a ghost!

Its the words he taught is spirit and life as he was the living word of his father. “The word became flesh”. When you can accept the words of his father as truth and live it daily the power of  the word within connects you to the Father’s spirit. “Christ who is this living word ”  abides in us as we read and obey all that he taught, this is what fills us with Jesus.

1st Cor. Chp 15:{45}So it is written: “The first man Adam became a living being;” the last Adam a life-giving spirit.

As we  we read and meditate on the word brothers and sisters you are being filled with Jesus the living word, we become like him as we are now in obedience to the heavenly father. We are now one with him and one with the father. What does scripture say ? Christ told our stubborn behinds and I quote Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through Me ” Not through the physical image of Christ but the  message from the father which are the written words of scripture. If we profess love for Christ why are we still in bondage to the Greek and Roman pagan ways? Christ came to set us captives free, not from jail but from under the bondage of these pagan religions. He warned us about the deceptive nations fooling the elect even in hostile territory of Jerusalem which was plagued with foreign influence. The new imperial western Christian Institutions have poisoned the minds of our people through pagan traditions and vain philosophy. The same foreign invaders Greek Roman pagans and heathens the common enemy of our people who made us slaves and made a mockery of our faith. Today we all lapdogs in their false religious synagogues{Churches} which opposes all that was written by the prophets to our people.

This religious system was designed to exalt them our enemies as superior. Our feasts and holy days ordained by The Most High are rejected for Greek and Roman pagan observances as they forced it on us. The Shabbat is abhorred and rejected for the popes Sun day worship. The bible records Christ as honoring the Shabbat and even went to the temple for worship on the Shabbat as was his custom.

You must understand that this rogue nation and other gentile nations know our history; that we are Israel, its the best kept secret in the world as billions of dollars is spent to kept this gig going. The Religious institutions, Schools, Universities and Governments all conspired against us as a people that we will not be remembered anymore as Israel!

Through cunning diplomacy they manipulated our holy books and drew us in  removing us further spiritually through a religious movement  disguised with a form of godliness .  After we “Israel” were made slaves we had to accept this new Christianity abandoning and denouncing all our beliefs for theirs. In the process we learned their holidays and became content in upholding their images they painted in the bibles as our Savior. We are not willing to come into truth as if the heathen has a spell over our heads.

The Book Of 2nd Timothy Chapter 3:5 :{5} Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. {6} For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, {7} Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

They have been trying for centuries to wipe us out of existence as the nation of Israel and now the final act using the stigma of Christianity. They have managed to convince you and the world that we are gentiles like themselves, and to worship the same gods that our people were punished,cursed and cast away for. It was our sinful act of rebellion against our Heavenly Creator. What is your church custom? Do you do as Christ commanded to follow him? The impostor Jewish religious men of Judaism, the Romans, the Greeks all hated him because Christ was exposing their false hood and making our people aware that they were the enemy. But the people loved it the way it was, they trusted the foreigners as many were bribed or given high positions in the city. The money mongers were at large and finance was booming.

Christ was waking up our people but the opposing forces needed for us to stay blind so they executed him. The time is now as the father speaks to your heart you need to grow up from the breast feeding and eat the meat of the knowledge of our true supreme Creator. Christ rebuked the false religions and its leaders in calling their place of worship the synagogue of SATAN as they were calling themselves Jews and they were not! Just as the modern church today calling herself spiritual Israel and most in agreement that God is done with his true people.

My people perish because of the lack of knowledge!  The seminary schools of theology is just another institution of HALF TRUTHS and PHILOSOPHY whereby you can now earn a degree or a Phd to tell lies. Our people are now at the mercy of our own men and women we trust who are now qualified to continue that lie.  Have anyone ever noticed what the scripture clearly showed a disassociation from Christ and their temples?

The Book Of Matthew Chapter

 It says: {23} Just then a man in their synagogue who was possessed by an impure spirit cried out, {24} “What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God!And when he was departed thence, he went into their synagogue

We often miss these little nuggets which are important points, the Church today; Church/Synagogues is the same parallel as it refers to  many of the religious  buildings we see on most street corners. These buildings are theirs and not the house of the Most High Creator! The religion of Judaism had taken the original scrolls and added and subtracted, the Christian Roman Church did the same and all her whoring daughters protestant churches hold on to big mama’s traditions They have all committed this same abomination as Antiochus  changing Holy days, seasons, time and doctrines.

The lies are stacking up high in these false houses of worship. For example the preacher knows and admits that Christ was not born on December 25th but yet they host this big birthday bash every year. Is not that condoning a lie in the name of Jesus? isn’t it out right rejection of the word of God as he told Jeremiah to warn our people about this idolatry {Jeremiah chapter 10}? Our records have been severely disrupted as these bibles mysteriously excluded all the records of the horrible Greeks, but today I have a treat for you the reader. Amazingly these copyists jumped Straight from Malachi under Babylonian rule to the Matthew  of the new testament during Roman ruler-ship. The whole Greek ruler ship, invasion, tyranny and corruption of our people were left out deliberately. These books were eliminated to keep their dirty secrets hidden, to hide their sins, to hide their true identity and the corruption of our faith.

If we ever have to put the pieces together we have to look at the Maccabees, the book of Jasher and other old rejected scrolls for this information. We know that our forefathers scribed more books than the 66 that we are relegated to follow. It is important to the gentiles to hide their  atrocities committed against The Most High Creator and his people, so these records were rejected from the enemy’s cannon of 66 books. The brutality, the falling away and reprogramming originated with these tyrants and then other nations.

The Suppression of our People and the forced conversion to Paganism  {The Macabees Chapter } :Not long after this, the king sent an Athenian senator to compel the Jews to forsake the laws of their ancestors and no longer to live by the laws of God; {2 }also to pollute the temple in Jerusalem and to call it the temple of Olympian Zeus, and to call the one in Gerizim the temple of Zeus-the-Friend-of-Strangers, as did the people who lived in that place. 

 {3} Harsh and utterly grievous was the onslaught of evil. {4} For the temple was filled with debauchery and reveling by the Gentiles, who dallied with prostitutes and had intercourse with women within the sacred precincts, and besides brought in things for sacrifice that were unfit. {5} The altar was covered with abominable offerings that were forbidden by the laws. {6} People could neither keep the sabbath, nor observe the festivals of their ancestors, nor so much as confess themselves to be Jews. 

 {7} On the monthly celebration of the king’s birthday, the Jews[c] were taken, under bitter constraint, to partake of the sacrifices; and when a festival of Dionysus{today’s CHRISTMAS} was celebrated, they were compelled to wear wreaths of ivy and to walk in the procession in honor of Dionysus. {8  At the suggestion of the people of Ptolemais a decree was issued to the neighboring Greek cities that they should adopt the same policy toward the Jews and make them partake of the sacrifices, {festival of Dionysus}The Twelve Days is one of the great festivals of Ællinismόs (Hellenismos; Gr. … The commencement of this holiday is December 25th and the festivities continue on for eleven more days, according to Greek tradition. “This evil was being celebrated long before Christ was even born!!! 

{9} and should kill those who did not choose to change over to Greek customs. One could see, therefore, the misery that had come upon them. {10} For example, two women were brought in for having circumcised their children. They publicly paraded them around the city, with their babies hanging at their breasts, and then hurled them down headlong from the wall. {11} Others who had assembled in the caves nearby, in order to observe the seventh day{Shabbat} secretly, were betrayed to Philip and were all burned together, because their piety kept them from defending themselves, in view of their regard for that most holy day. We are not to be relegated to these 66 books which the gentiles try to control us with their twisted doctrines, but all the Hebrew scrolls and records belong to us and not just the ones they claim as inspired. The false teachers called Christian Greeks and Romans founding fathers Lied and claimed to be inspired and gave is the crumbs in their language and in their conceited narratives. Philosophy of the Greeks became part of their brain wash education as we were trained to look at reality from all different Hellenize views teaching us to doubt denounce our own faith and challenge the creators laws from a humanistic point of view. As per records of Pilates rule documentation reveals these facts of the strong Greek influence and other gentiles power in Israel: 

Excerpt From The Letters Of Pontius Pilate

The position is extraordinary; I wish that you were here to study it. As I look out from the palace, I see below me this town which, apart from Jews, is full of Greeks, Egyptians and the rest. Away to the south is a strip of plain along the sea. Behind it are foothills and then, rising behind them, a barrier of mountains, bare and rugged, among which dwell the real Jews, stiff-necked and obstinate. They are surrounded by enemies – Samaritans to the north, Idumaeans {Edomites} to the south, Romans at the points of military vantage and Greeks everywhere, and they do not desire to have them other than enemies. The very troops, the auxiliaries, by which we hold them down, are recruited from these enemies on their own soil, for they themselves will not serve in the army and we – wrongly, as I think – exempt them. They shut themselves up in their Jerusalem and, still more, in their Temple, unchanging and, at heart, unyielding. The gentiles have not wavered or lost sight of their mission in destroying our name from the earth in ways so disguised that Christ warned even the elect are deceived. Well as we know in the prophetic scrolls there is mention of the daughters of the Harlot!  Who are these adultering daughters that carry on the mission of their mother? They are the  heads and founders of all these protestant churches in our society today, these men  all had origins of Jesuit Catholic priests who left the Catholic church due to various differences in the faith they professed. They adopted different versions of biblical interpretations  with very same pagan holidays and practices, not preaching the true word but one of deceit a mixture of truths and lies. They emerged from tyranny a new way to hide Israel by creating devils doctrines  of replacement theology; teaching that God is done away with Israel and the modern church is now spiritual Israel

There are tons of information from our records they have kept from us so we cant put the pieces together, the reason there is so much arguments and disagreement amongst the brethren. AS some of us move higher in the learning and teach there is the those still in that state who fight against the knowledge as they have become so westernized. Isn’t it important to understand and know your enemies? I can assure you that the answers you have been looking for are in those scrolls rejected by the men of the cannon. Israel was not that picture they gave you in Sunday school, there were more Greeks and Romans communities within the walls of Israel. They had a lot of power and influence as they mixed in with the locals creating half breeds loyal to the Hellenist. The falsified Jesuit doctrines we received over the centuries are grounded so deeply within our people it will take only heavenly intervention to wake many from slumber. These teachings has us under their control and grasping for answers that we would have had if our scrolls was made available to us. The fact that the whole truth is not being told around the world about Christ and his true people, is the reason for the delay in his coming. Until this message is truly taught and spread through out the world then and only then will he visit again.

Scholastic Christians of Theology should be ridiculed and rebuked for the mockery of our faith! They are in a bible speaking about a people and still cannot identify the people of whom is spoken off. This is all part of the programming of hiding the chosen ones as some teach out of ignorance. Many of these institutions have taken an oath not to reveal to true Israel that we are the chosen people. The pastors of our own people have taken bribes to shut up on many doctrinal issues and to continue to sell the Greek religious curriculum and hiding the heathen cruelty. Christ said he came in the volume of the book meaning all of what was written by our people for our people.

These impostors altered, removed and gave is bits and pieces. They gave us doctrines to deliberately offend our heavenly father in a form of godliness. Many of our mothers fathers and brothers died to please our God and resist satan’s angels. The eating of the pig was the biggest insult to our heavenly father as we were forced and eventually tamed to accepting the swine as a domestic and celebratory meal.  In my conclusion I will further expose these serpents as they converted our people through hostility

Martyrdom of a Mother and Her Seven SonsBy The Greek Antiochus

 {1}It also happened that seven brothers with their mother were arrested and tortured with whips and scourges by the king to force them to eat pork in violation of God’s law.a {2} One of the brothers, speaking for the others, said: “What do you expect to learn by questioning us? We are ready to die rather than transgress the laws of our ancestors.” 

 {3} At that the king, in a fury, gave orders to have pans and caldrons heated. {4} These were quickly heated, and he gave the order to cut out the tongue of the one who had spoken for the others, to scalp him and cut off his hands and feet, while the rest of his brothers and his mother looked on.

{5}When he was completely maimed but still breathing, the king ordered them to carry him to the fire and fry him. As a cloud of smoke spread from the pan, the brothers and their mother encouraged one another to die nobly, with these words: {6}“The Lord God is looking on and truly has compassion on us, as Moses declared in his song, when he openly bore witness, saying, ‘And God will have compassion on his servants. ’ Read more click on url in blue




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