Our Role Model Gabby Douglas


Thou shalt not kill! This command is not just addressing the stabbings, strangulation, shootings, punching, kicking but it explores the darker side of many hypocrites. Gabby! did you know that the very same ones who are alarmed and disgusted by this type of violence are the ones who meanwhile kill with their harsh words? Verbal bullying, gossip, slander and scourges of unjust rebuke are as lethal as any weapon found on foreign battle fields.We all walk around with the most dangerous weapon in this world abusing our liberties of freedom of speech because we don’t see the blood flowing while we kill and destroy.

We think we are better than the man or woman on death row, but yet too blind and self righteous to see ourselves as instruments of verbal warfare. The tongue of which a majority has mastered in verbal attacks and deception have taken so many lives, destroyed many dreams and hopes without accountability. The hearts of the people I speak of are the trigger, the lips the barrel and the tongue the bullet.


We are all familiar with our little sister and superstar Gabriel Douglas the gymnast who won the 2012 Gold in womens AR whom I dedicate this article too. Gabby recently represented the USA at 2016 Olympics where she won the gold medal in the team competitions. This achievement was not met with joy for Gabby but she was in the cross hairs of the wicked  and the victim to unwarranted racial, brutal attacks by some of the American public.

The reasons I guess in 2012 she had a little too much to say on the Oprah show after winning the Olympic gold about unfair treatment at training camp. Social media twitter did not forget that and therfore opened the portals while fanning the fire for the trolls and lynch mobs to wound this little girl. Again by design we see how the elites and powers of the social media world ambushes and spiritually assassinate our role models by turning loose the lynch mobs, slanderers and gossips as was done to Gabby. This was felt deep in my spirit even when I read her response :

“When they talk about my hair or me not putting my hand on my heart [during the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’] or me being very salty in the stands, they’re really criticizing me and it doesn’t feel good. It was a little bit hurtful,” she tearfully told the Washington Post.











I don’t speak for myself only but there are many of us who look on in the shadows, so fear not little sister for our love goes with you daily and know the every idle word or insult spoken against you has been inked with angels pens. All evil doers will be brought to justice, judged and made sorry. Mankind need to understand that death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love one or the other shall eat the fruit of their choice.

The directives to the people who claim they are Christians are clear from the apostle Peter that if we love life and want to have good days then let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile.The tongue of man must be tamed but in order for it to be calm the inner man has to be tamed first because out of the spirit of man the mouth speaketh all his secrets and desires. Words can be curses on someones life and negativity and malice constantly spoken to someone does take deep roots into their belief system.


Verbal abuse has now taken a bigger stage and is now upgraded to the virtual world of social media where the these malicious souls conduct their iniquity. They use these channels to rally up troops and attacks on others which so often goes what they call “viral”. Thank you twitter !! for channeling the insults, threatenings, blackmail, tauntings from your friends in the  comfort of their cozy bedroom. Continue destroying lives in the eyes of this cold  harsh world of social media freaks and geeks.

These men and women are smooth criminals with tongues weaponized to take you to the grave because of their verbal chastisement torment and abuse. Its an over compensation for their lack in physical strength and physical stature and in many cases they are geniuses of cruelty. They have craftily figured out that they do not have to raise a finger to hurt or kill.


Often we see young kids committing suicide due to verbal bullying and provocation, but you Gabby are strong and be not fooled, the individuals who perpetuated these attacks are as guilty as the man on death row. Many relationships are plagued with this type of verbal murder and verbal torment and I say woe to these social media admins who fan the fires of virtual bullying and verbal abuse.

But what do you expect from a nation whose political offices, Elections and campaigns are decided by gossip, insults, slander, name calling, hatred and digging up peoples past. The social media groups and News Networks feeds this to our young ones today as entertainment. Isn’t this a form of terrorism? as peoples lives are exposed to world to judge them by false measures.


The example of leaders and elders are what the younger generation takes a measure from and I call to shame once again this system of double standards we live under. The media many times over is a destroyer of morals and so often turns us into brute beasts with cold savage hearts where love has grown absent. The heart of our people need to be checked because out of the heart of every person the mouth speaks and then the hands and feet follow.


Gabby thank you for the joy you bring when you perform most of all thank you for inspiring our young women. Remember little sister! sadness may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning, it is also right that you forgive these evil doers, for  in the heavens you are burning heaps of coals on their heads. Our heavenly father will reward you richly as he will determine each mans fate for the good they did in this life and the wicked for the evil they continually do.

Your biggest Fan

kaleb Yhadiel


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