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Fat belly is out of style

Fat belly is out of style

The abdomen area is undoubtedly the most critical part of our body. Fat accumulates without us realizing it thus breaking the balance of our waistlines. What can we do? We recommend that you include the following foods in your diet. With a little effort you can get there.

Recommendations to burn abdominal fat

Incorrect lifestyle a little sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can we accumulions fat in our abdomen. As we know miracles do not exist succeed in having a smooth belly requires some effort and sacrifices. These sacrifices are focus primarily on avoiding the food that cause water retention and store fat. That is why we initially recommend the following:

  • Drink two liters of water a day in addition to natural juices.
  • Eliminate refined flours junk food cakes …
  • Eliminate salt from your food is the main cause of water retention.
  • Get used to do some exercise every day . Only as walking half an hour a day for example, can do a lot for your health. Do not hesitate.
  • Remember that dieting does not mean stop eating. You have to eat your four daily meals: the very large breakfast lunch a snack and dinner. The ideal is to eat little but those 4 times of the day. Please do not skip dinner or breakfast.

Foods that burn fat from your abdomen

1. Apple


How about starting the day with a delicious apple? Excellent it is a nice idea recommended by doctors and nutritionists appropriately breakfast when complemented for example with a cup of oats. The reason why apples are good for burning fat is that they are composed of rich nutrient vitamin C and flavonoids, beta-carotene. We must now consider a fact: that we really were burning fat you have to eat two to three per day. Prepare an apple juice for breakfast in addition to eating a whole is totally inadequate. Apple juice mixed with beet is perfect for complete dinner. Are you ready?

2. Bananas


Banana is composed of 75-130 calories. It is a fruit full of calcium magnesium potassium and vitamins. It’s like an isotonic drink but food a great resource that should not be let out at least once a day. Consuming in her diet fruit as you not only help you lose fat but also improve your health. Remember the banana is something very wise in the middle of the morning or the afternoon when you need to eat a snack. It will fill you up and bring you many vitamins that allow you to continue your daily tasks.

3. Celery

Celery can not fail in our diet. It is a vegetable that helps us perfectly to lose fat. It mixes very well with many of our dishes and it is delicious in all its forms. It is composed of a lot of vitamin C and calcium one of its virtues is precisely to help us lose weight. You tempted to eat today?

4. Seafood














It is possible that it is a bit expensive to consume daily but we recommend that you eat at least three times a week in your dishes. The seafood is made ​​of a type of monounsaturated fat that we helps prevent the accumulation of fat they are very healthy and rich in Omega-3. Cook them as you please and you will get many vitamins and minerals.

5. Avocado


There is the myth that lawyers are fattening. This is not true. The lawyer is composed oleic acid of an element that allows us to eliminate or delay the feeling of hunger. And it has very suitable fibers to achieve a flat stomach. It allows us to eliminate fat if we have too much and if we take virtue of satiety. So just eat a lawyer by day. This will delight you! The lawyer is perfect in salads or creams. Unable to resist his healthy flavor.

6. Cherries


The cherries are delicious. If you have the opportunity to find them in your market at a good price do not hesitate: in addition to being good and healthy for our digestive system to the heart and to lower cholesterol or uric acid cherries regulate our metabolism and thus reduce the feeling of hunger, taking care of our health. They are rich in antioxidants and it is worthwhile to consume as it is the season. We do not recommend such juices which are sold in stores they are not fresh lose all their benefits and are not good for us. These are only sugar drinks that do not help us at all to burn fat.

7. Tomatoes

tomatoWe are all fans of tomatoes. Excellent in salads sauces … they mix all the dishes and we bring this unique and essential flavor every day. But did you know that tomatoes reduce the accumulation of lipids in the blood? So they act as good purifiers that fat does not accumulate. Do not forget it! Tomatoes can not miss your dishes!


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