How Hebrews{Blacks} got Into The Olympic Sports World

The creation of our super athletes


olympic-ringsHave anyone ever sat down and really ponder the elements surrounding the Olympics and Sports? I for one has always been intrigued with sports and the excitement of competition but never quite understood the slow transformation from wearing little clothes to absolutely just patches hiding the private parts showing such nakedness.
This I always thought was very odd so I started to get the historical facts which is startling as it was recorded in history that our people were trained particularly to be entertainment in arenas as gladiators. In all manner of games for the pleasure of the Greek Romans and the other nations we were their toys, alarmingly scriptures confirms this and I quote Psalms 106:35 “But were mingled among the heathen, and learned their works.”

A story which I was also fascinated is one my Dad told me a long long time ago, he told me of how the local police had a campaign to go to homes and confiscate bibles which contained the books of the Macabbees. Our grand father he said fell victim to this abuse and was interrogated for possessing these books, at that time I was told; being just a boy I racked it up as just another bad incident, but as I grew older this story grew bigger with me and I needed to understand. I had questions ringing in my head trying to make the connection between the police involvement with religion and a bible, why will the police get involved in such a campaign?

It took years to put it all together and now I fully understand. These books were apparently a threat to the False Christianity which was set up on the islands of THE WEST INDIES, England was the culprit! our nation was under British rule the same culprits who hunted and killed translator of the Best bible Willam Tyndale were responsible. Our history and the Land of our origin, and the evil they did to our people were evident in these bibles, our transformation to gentile traditions the pressure to denounce the laws of our Holy Father was recorded and detailed, and the murder of our fathers and mothers if they did not comply. The Christian ex-slave owners who lived amongst us and Rome who had their Churches in our islands were afraid of uprisings as some of our people were proving to be very intelligent leaders.

your local police

your local police

The police! ladies and gentlemen for your information was never set up to protect and to serve the locals but to protect and serve the elite Jewish and Christian kingdom England who controls the worlds wealth.The Police is an arm of this society and are their to keep us in check, they are the same Roman soldiers in modern day apparel. They will never tell you these things in your churches because they are a part of it, they will tell you those books are not canonical just to mess you up.


The Jesuit, Greek, Rome combination of imposters who said they were inspired by God to put the bible together were the very same enemy who enslaved our behind, had they been inspired by God THEY WILL NOT HAVE PUT THEIR FALSE IMAGES IN OUR BOOKS,and change the expressions to promote themselves as the authority. Inspired men of God would have stopped the lynchings but these imposters were part of it and still quiet about it.They pacify you with “Jesus is love he loves everybody”but on the contrary Jesus said I love those who love me and he is angry with the wicked everyday! He hates the evil man.

Christ gave us clues in the New Testament but you all ain’t reading! this generation are hooked on what the stars of Hollywood are doing and saying! but Christ said “cursed is every man that hangeth from a tree” That was another way for us to see that we are the chosen people under the curse because we were hung on trees through out the Americas. That was it! you all missed it because you are watching American Idol. The book says when it comes to mind these things of the curses happening it will be a sign unto us that we are his people it is time to stop being dumb! wake up! This is what the Black American Olympian was protesting in the 1968 with the sign of the Power fist.

So without further due let me show you the wickedness of the Olympics Sports revealing the nakedness of our women and men as they sacrifice to other Gods which we were trained to be a part of and detested by God.
Look at this friends and countrymen take a look and see how they messed up our thinking from way back in the days of Antiochus, trained us to be athletes and gladiators to entertain the elite and to expose our nakedness for sexual lust.


Hebrew history and records

Hebrew history and records

 The Book Of Maccabbees Chapter 4:7

(7) But after the death of Seleucus, when Antiochus, called Epiphanes, took the kingdom, Jason the brother of Onias laboured underhand to be high priest,

(8) Promising unto the king by intercession three hundred and threescore talents of silver, and of another revenue eighty talents:

(9) Beside this, he promised to assign an hundred and fifty more, if he might have licence to set him up a place for exercise, and for the training up of youth in the fashions of the heathen, and to write them of Jerusalem by the name of Antiochians.

(10) Which when the king had granted, and he had gotten into his hand the rule he forthwith brought his own nation to Greekish fashion.

(11) And the royal privileges granted of special favour to the Hebrews by the means of John the father of Eupolemus, who went ambassador to Rome for amity and aid, he took away; and putting down the governments which were according to the law, he brought up new customs against the law:

(12) For he built gladly a place of exercise under the tower itself, and brought the chief young men under his subjection, and made them wear a hat.

(13) Now such was the height of Greek fashions, and increase of heathenish manners, through the exceeding profaneness of Jason, that ungodly wretch, and no high priest;


Gentiles who took over out holy books professed to be inspired men of God and made up doctrines of devils

Gentiles who took over out holy books professed to be inspired men of God and made up doctrines of devils

I warn you again brothers and sisters to wake up and take notice of where you are in this world my call is for you to arise above this false world illusion and take back your Heritage. The books which were defamed and removed by our enemies was intentional to misguide you from the truth, my question to the Christian foundations is why not erase the books of “MATTHEW” “LUKE” “JOHN” “MARK” “THE ACTS”? These books insist on Christ’s words that he did not come to destroy his fathers laws or the words of the prophets but to establish it, he said as long as there is the Moon and the Stars not one tiny bit shall be changed. The holy books also insist on the seven day Shabbat rest hallowed by the father from creation which you reject by insisting it is done away with yet you uphold a Sunday law and you reject all the laws of the Most High with your grace doctrine. I just checked out my window and I see the stars and the Moon, do you see it where you are?
The Greeks Gentiles went on further to pollute the temple and dedicated it to Olympus that is the origin of the Olympics and is also a sacrifice to the Gods, They continued the same evil till this day and false doctrines is common in the gentile churches. On the morning of 16 October 1968,[2] US athlete Tommie Smith won the 200 meter race with a world-record time of 19.83 seconds. Australia’s Peter Norman finished second with a time of 20.06 seconds, and the US’ John Carlos won third place with a time of 20.10 seconds. After the race was completed, the three went to the podium for their medals to be presented by David Cecil, 6th Marquess of Exeter.

The two US athletes received their medals shoeless, but wearing black socks, to represent black poverty.[3] Smith wore a black scarf around his neck to represent black pride, Carlos had his tracksuit top unzipped to show solidarity with all blue collar workers in the US and wore a necklace of beads which he described “were for those individuals that were lynched, or killed and that no-one said a prayer for, that were hung and tarred. It was for those thrown off the side of the boats in the middle passage.

Rise know who you are

Rise know who you are

Banned for life and medal taken back the enemy felt it was a disrespect to their God ZEUS because a Hebrew was protesting showing his roots and that he was not bowing to their God. It was not about black power as they claimed it was Hebrew power they were afraid off once again, these people know if the Hebrew nation comes together in one accord calling on the God OF Abraham and walking in his laws he will hear from above and act on our behalf. That is their greatest fear so they tamed us down by exercising their authority and rule over us.
Let us look at our records of the evil wicked things this Greek nations of the gentiles brought on our people in the name of SPORTS


 The Book of 2 Maccabees Chapter 6

(1) Not long after this the king sent an old man of Athens to compel the Jews to depart from the laws of their fathers, and not to live after the laws of God:

(2) And to pollute also the temple in Jerusalem, and to call it the temple of Jupiter Olympius; and that in Garizim, of Jupiter the Defender of strangers, as they did desire that dwelt in the place.

(3) The coming in of this mischief was sore and grievous to the people:

(4) For the temple was filled with riot and revelling by the Gentiles, who dallied with harlots, and had to do with women within the circuit of the holy places, and besides that brought in things that were not lawful.

(5) The altar also was filled with profane things, which the law forbiddeth.

(6) Neither was it lawful for a man to keep sabbath days or ancient fasts, or to profess himself at all to be a Jew.

7 And in the day of the king’s birth every month they were brought by bitter constraint to eat of the sacrifices; and when the fast of Bacchus was kept, the Jews were compelled to go in procession to Bacchus, carrying ivy.

(8) Moreover there went out a decree to the neighbour cities of the heathen, by the suggestion of Ptolemee, against the Jews, that they should observe the same fashions, and be partakers of their sacrifices:

(9) And whoso would not conform themselves to the manners of the Gentiles should be put to death. Then might a man have seen the present misery.

10 For there were two women brought, who had circumcised their children; whom when they had openly led round about the city, the babes handing at their breasts, they cast them down headlong from the wall.

(11) And others, that had run together into caves near by, to keep the sabbath day secretly, being discovered by Philip, were all burnt together, because they made a conscience to help themselves for the honour of the most sacred day.

(12) Now I beseech those that read this book, that they be not discouraged for these calamities, but that they judge those punishments not to be for destruction, but for a chastening of our nation.

(13) For it is a token of his great goodness, when wicked doers are not suffered any long time, but forthwith punished.

(14) For not as with other nations, whom the Lord patiently forbeareth to punish, till they be come to the fulness of their sins, so dealeth he with us,



Our beautiful sister showing her nakedness

Our beautiful sister showing her nakedness

Athletes compete in the nude According to one story, it began when a runner lost his loincloth and tripped on it. Everyone took off his loincloth after that. But ancient historians have traced it back to initiation rites—young men walking around naked and sort of entering manhood.

We know how fundamental nudity was to Greek culture. It really appealed to the exhibitionism and the vanity of the Greeks. Only barbarians were afraid to show their bodies. The nude athletes would parade like peacocks up and down the stadium. Poets would write in a shaky hand these wonderful odes to the bodies of the young men, their skin the colour of fired clay.But other cultures, like the Persians and the Egyptians, looked at these Greek men oiling one another down and writhing in the mud, and found it very strange. They believed it promoted sexual degeneracy.
The Greeks would not have understood the word homosexuality But pederasty/pedephillio was inherent to the Greek gymnasium culture, and you had all these men mentoring prepubescent boys. It was socially accepted and considered part of a boy’s education, but it wasn’t discussed openly.

Karl Lewis another brother gone bad

Karl Lewis another brother gone bad

Women did not compete in the Olympics and Sport That’s right, though young women and virgins were allowed in. Fathers brought their daughters to the games hoping they would get married to one of the champions. These are your Cheer leaders today at the big Arenas shaking their behind and almost nude on the sidelines hoping to win the attention of a Team member or a very rich fan in court side seats. The hope is to be married into riches and fame and we see today our brothers all get caught up in this and marry into these situations and end up broke after these whorish women file for divorce taking half of their assets.

Prostitution was rampant. Women were brought in from all over the Mediterranean. It’s been said that a prostitute could make as much as money in five days during the Olympics and Gladiator sport arenas as she would in the rest of the year. It happens in sports today after big games our brothers go out to sex clubs and party all night indulging in orgies and every ungodly thing.

Another woman showing off

Another woman showing off

There was kind of a second string of the festival. The [women’s] games were held at Olympia and dedicated to Zeus’s consort Hera. The young women ran in short tunics with their right breast exposed as an homage to the Amazon warrior women, a race of female super warriors that was believed to have cauterized their right breasts so as not to impede their javelin throwing.

A Champion would gain incredible prestige and wealth from an Olympic victory. You never had to work again. Officially, the winner was given an olive wreath. But your home city would give you piles of money, honours like front seats at the theater, lifetime pensions, vats of olive oil, maybe even priesthood. Your name would be passed down from generation to generation. You became part of the very fabric of history.


Many of you in these Christian churches our brothers and sisters by blood line are the ones will report the wise and prudent to the authorities and you will persecute your people who will stand for true righteousness in the last days.We did it in the past to our prophets and Christ and nothing is changed our people will do the same because we are so sucked into this world system and so brainwashed by the enemy gentile lifestyle that you will hate the righteous man and the messengers of righteousness. You will hate the laws of the Most High because it convicts you of your sins and as they killed Christ you will do the same to protect your wayward and perverse false religion of Babylon. We are all without excuse because I have been given the truth and I have shown it to you my brethren and pleaded for your reconciliation to your Holy Father.Again I plead with you to awake & rise

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