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Globalization is nothing new as this word and philosophy been thrown around since the late 90s and became full blown during the home computing and the dot.com era. I love to reference the holy scriptures to show our readers the roots of corruption and reasons why our heavenly father did certain things. The first attempt of globalization and rebellion against justice of the heavenly order was in Babylon and the tower of Babel. I will highlight one verse that will get your coffee brewing while the rest of the read will be a healthy breakfast to your soul. It is very apparent during that time all the people of the world were of one mind to rule the earth by their own carnal ways. This attempt was stopped by supreme intervention and the language had to be confused in order to disrupt this first global government.

{The Book Of Genesis Chapter 11: Verses 1-10}

And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. {2} And it came to pass, as they journeyed east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. {3} And they said one to another: ‘Come, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly.’ And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. {4} And they said: ‘Come, let us build us a city, and a tower, with its top in heaven, and let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.’{5} And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

 {6} And the LORD said: ‘Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is what they begin to do; and now nothing will be withholden from them, which they purpose to do. {7} Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.’  {8} So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth; and they left off to build the city.{ 9} Therefore was the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there a confound the language of all the earth; and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

This mission to globalize the creation into a Babylon lawless system is an on going persistent endeavor through the ideologies of Alexander the Greek, Antiochus Epiphanes, Nero, and the Caesars. The powers of these men still run through the veins of their descendants and continues in our present day by elite ruling class of the West. As I anticipate the trigger is about to be pulled to set it all off,  and these wicked men will do anything without regard to human life to accomplish this one world control. The necessities of life deprived, has become the choice weapon of war fare, Food, water, shelter, silver, gold  and whoever controls it rules. Ha-Satan’s trickery have blinded us as we have given up our most precious positions for modernization. We adopted a Hellenistic unbalanced deceptive education system which had always been preparing us for a one world control.

What do I mean? All nations were bamboozled into a westernized school system which prepared our young men and women for an industrialized one world system contradictory to the holy books. The focus was to wean out and prepare the highly intelligent intellectuals who will in the future manage their industries and enterprises after they retreated to their mother lands. Not for a moment believe that we are independent! We are only the overseers of their dynasties as they live lavishly and fund unjust wars from your labors. The westerners believe it or not still rule over our islands but with a long arm collecting tributes and liberties through central banks and big oil business and taxes. They did not just run away and left us alone but left us in charge of their affairs.

There was never a strong  emphasis or curriculum for self preservation, the understanding of money, money management or motivation for training others who were not academics but had other talents. One thing was apparent in elementary school we were encouraged to have saving accounts! Never were given the basics and knowledge of money and how it really works. All my life I never quite got it until I started working and making investments. I worked cooperate in the technology field and came to understand a lot about money in institutional banking. The one thing that really woke me up was to realize that direct deposits was not really direct at all. Your money first hits the bank, then sorted, then traded on foreign exchanges all night until the close of the foreign markets then wired into our accounts

I then realized how involved we are in this dishonest system and I started to connect the dots and realized why we were always encouraged to have a bank account. Unseen to our forefathers in third world countries we welcomed this western education through academic institutions as good and progressive. Our parents worked hard in the lands and farmed, the skilled men and women mastered their crafts to provide enough financial wealth to ensure us of a good education. The majority of our men left the agricultural lands and farming as they were coaxed into the oil field jobs with very lucrative wages. Many of us made our parents very proud through the academic years, graduated and became Doctors Lawyers Engineers bankers, accountants scientists politicians actors, singers. But at what cost?

As  more and more highly qualified and intelligent young people were being turned out accepting prestigious jobs and titles in the big cities, there was something happening right under our noses. We were to blind to see the gradual erosion of our culture and our livelihood slipping away into the hands of the westerners. Our parents were now getting old and could no longer work the lands or pass on their skill to the children because they wanted  to see a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or a future prime minister forged from their hard work. The next phase of Western dominance was to bolster the oil fields, now heralded the place of wealth and opportunity for many of the young brilliant minds.

The Westerners are a very calculated people and had the monopoly on these fields as they nourished this love affair for fossil fuel. This new found black gold unknowing to us will be the back bone of the new monetary system that will cripple all nations of the world as it was pegged to the American dollar. We as a majority were not trained to understand how money works except you were specializing in the financial field, we were all just academics and learned certain trades which will facilitate the westerners dynasty. The food fields were totally abandoned and the baby boomers grew up many not knowing how to plant a grain of corn or hammer a nail in a piece of wood. I am going down this path systematically so we have a clear idea how it all begun, as it is of very great importance to understand where all this will end up.

This fashion of thought was passed on to the next generation and eventually over time the lands had to be left alone deserted, the coffee fields, the cocoa fields, the cane fields, the rice fields all abandoned because our children were pulled away in stealth to continue to build the westerners empire. Today third world countries which possess acres upon acres of good fertile lands are importing the very same foods that they once grew and harvested. It is hard to imagine a country as Trinidad and Tobago importing cocoa and chocolate from England and the natives buying coffee at Starbucks at 40.00 dollars a cup!

That broke my heart just like old Fred Sanford, it is a damn shame.  We abandoned great fertile lands which could have provided wealth for generations of families for the grocery stores filled with imports and american franchises. They will all fly away quickly to some other naive prospering third world country seeking new prey when the money dries up. What will it take for us to see the writing on the walls as the  boundaries of the playing field are closing in on us? Learn from the ant and preserve for the days are coming and opportunity may pass us by like a full bus going down the Beetham Highway.

We have given up our power to produce food and to survive without being governed by external powers. We have given up the power of wealth for silly things, our gold, our silver and our oil, our produce, no longer in our control, but given to the westerners. For what they  marketed as free education and high paying jobs in this hid a darker side. There is nothing free in Satan’s World there is always a price to be paid. We were fooled and reeled in with the hook in our jaw we took the bait of convenient lifestyles, gated communities and convenience stores within easy reach. This enticed us all as it seemed affluent and prestige but all the while gaining a stronger hold on the keys to bend us at will in the appointed time. 

With a few key strokes from computers the trucks will stop delivering, the ships will not bring in the containers, as you are now blacklisted. Education is great thing and knowledge a store of wealth but how many of us had gotten wisdom which is the key to life? Did you reinvest your money to show the fruits of your labor? be it land to produce food, did you reinvest in silver, gold as a store of value? I speak to you the people of the West indies and Caribbean that you wake up, the party is over! Marshal Montana will not help you wyne out of this one! We are in  a war but not one of missiles and  fighter jets. This is a war on your wealth and your bellies will be turned inside out by the sanctions and this new developing world global currency.

Today in this technological world  no trigger has to be pulled or a bomb dropped to bring a country to its knees. He who controls the food source and the water controls the nation. What will you do when the American dollar goes to zero where it is approaching rapidly? Can you survive the technological social crediting and sanctions when the piper wants you to dance to his flute? What will we do when the paper means nothing like Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Haiti, Argentina? Lately Venezuela as the other listed countries have been crippled with sanctions and their gold stolen. This is coming your way at warp speed, and its only a matter of time.

Learn from whats happening around you before pointing fingers!  London January 2019 (CNN) The Bank of England has blocked Nicolas Maduro’s officials from withdrawing $1.2 billion worth of gold, dealing a further blow to the embattled Venezuelan President as he tries to salvage his authority. According to the report, which cites unnamed people familiar with the matter, the gold is a significant part of the $8 billion in foreign reserves held by the Venezuelan central bank.  The move by the Bank of England came after top U.S. officials urged the British government to help cut off Maduro’s access to his country’s assets, the report said, and instead steer them towards opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has claimed the presidency. 

While we were away achieving this and that the westerners were moving in on these islands and smaller nations. Another wave and generation of westerners are coming again this time is to take the abandoned prime lands, setup marijuana fields and exploit the cannabis industry. It’s in the planning! a controlled partnership with the unjust, weak, pocket filling political leaders. A spinning wheel effect as we seen in the past like locusts they feed and when the fields are famished they fly away. They inter mix with the locals  a project created by the Europeans called  blanqueaminto or branqueamento or racial whitening of a people. A process by which they intermingle and produce lighter skinned nationals which was one of the main tools to initiate destabilization over time. This was where we had a divide of the peoples into classes as the lighter color natives had more privileges than the darker natives.

{The Book Of Daniel Chapter 2:43}  And where as thou sawest iron myxte with claye: they shall myngle them selves wyth the seede of symple people,  & yet not continue one wyth another, lyke as iron wyll not be souldered wyth a potsherde

One of the greatest threats Fidel Castro had to face was that of the white American half Cubans who assisted much in undermining and destabilizing Cuba. In today’s world every nations is under liberty to a currency that is backed by nothing but the wind, and when the wind losses it speed and gone away so is a country’s wealth.  The Westerners achieved this by careful  long term planning and patience and very few can see the plot. There are Caribbean church leaders casting stones of criticism at the President of Venezuela, when these same arrogant pastors do not have a damn clue. When a country is destabilized by insurgents, media propaganda and sanctions are placed on her by the elite, it is serves the purpose creating chaos and civil unrest followed by the ousting of the present government.

This is what sanctions and embargoes do it divides the people and encourage chaos and civil wars. The media fake news specialists blur the minds of the masses to win public sentiment for an invasion to bring back stability. False campaigns to liberate the women and scenes of little children with flies all over their faces, suffering and hungry is a tool used on the viewers. The real blame is shifted from the real terrorist who enforced the sanctions and create the famines which hurt the locals. Like the Clinton’s who used opportunity to pretend to rescue Haiti and stole everything from the people, their land, gold mines, over 10 billion us dollars in donations. Several years before this Bill decimated Haiti’s rice industry, with nowhere to hide he gave an apology with a a untrue explanation to hide the real agenda.  Watch Video Below 


How many of us know how to shovel a hole to plant some grain, how many of us have food storage for one month in case of emergency, how many of us have access to land? The cities are a trap and when things get chaotic delivery trucks will not deliver, you cannot pick fruits from concrete building, or catch fish in some fancy fountain monument in the mall. Corn Plants will not grow on cobble stone pathways. What will you do with that so called paper money and that big house with the concrete backyard? What will all those diplomas and certificate do for you when that time comes? What part of the fancy car can you cut off and make a nice stake. When hunger hits can you eat your pretty poinsettia plants you bought and planted for curb appeal?

The central banks around the world was setup for a long term goal and we never took notice, they dictate to governments and rule with iron fists to get their way. There is something to soon manifest itself and I hope you all will be on the right side. We have long been in a type of virtual digital currency for exchange of goods and services without realizing it. Today we hear of crypto currencies and bitcoin but this is nothing really new or different from your credit card spending. This is just and upgraded and decentralized system with major improvements which has its good but the bad men are about to sieze it all to enforce their grip on us the peasants. This change is coming and its going to hit hard and you will be controlled and played as the good puppet Pinocchio!

Another fine example of western bullying and dictatorship was heavy sanctioning and embargoes placed on the Libyan people and the sadistic execution of Mr Maommar Gadhafi. Mr Gadhafi a true king sought desperately  to liberate his people from the claws of the wicked banksters and world leaders like Obama who pulled the kill switch.  Many of us may just have bad impressions, thoughts, images of a terrorist and you harbor memories of what the fake media broadcasts daily. I am almost sure you never knew that this same bad man built one of the biggest water wells that would have serviced most of the African continents and would have eased famine and poverty. I guess non of you knew that every registered home in Libya received a check in the mail every month for over 1000 dollars government assistance from oil sales.

I guess you never knew that he was liberating the African nations to have their own currency backed by gold. Mr Gaddaffi was not dancing to the piper’s tune, he was no ones Pinocchio, he set his face like flint and was determined to liberate his people by leaving the dirty central banksters who run and is overseer to all governments of the world. What happened eventually is history as we see the natives were divided by western propaganda, civil unrest broke out and now he is no more. Libya is in a terrible state today and nobody talks about it. The people are very embarrassed I suppose as they now have nothing but poverty, grief, strife  and a nice central bank.

Learn the lessons from the fate of these other nations who was enticed by western delicacies and false dreams. Those who will not give in were betrayed by their very own and martyred by foreign invaders.  Is Not This The Same Fate Our Messiah And King Suffered By His Own People And The Foreign Roman Invaders?  Trust in our heavenly father only! with all your might and keep the book of the law at the tip of your tongue and in your head. Do not trust in men but let wisdom rule in your life. Keep in mind hard assets; and what are hard assets? Gold silver, land, property, food, copper, iron. You younger people will notice there are a lot of new institutions encouraging you to get rid of your gold and silver to invest in crypto currencies. Well do not fall for the trap because as you well already know their parents are the ones who owns the pawns shops and the jewel stores around the world.  Watch Video Below 

As if you never knew that all those fancy diamond and gold jewelry you spend thousands and thousands on are stolen property from the people of African nations. So to my people hear me! technically you are buying back your own stolen wealth!  I say be aware of that deception, though I invest in crypto currencies I invest also in gold and silver and long term searching out land for agricultural purposes. In other words I use the crypto investment gains to buy hard assets. Bible said what?. We are to catch them in their own craftiness. If we examine a thing from centuries ago then you can tell what is coming in the future.

Let no one deceive himself. If any of you thinks he is wise in this age, he should become a fool, so that he may become wise. {19} For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness.” {20} And again, “The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile.”

Eh’Yah spoke these words to {Haggai  Chapter 2:8} that he encourage his servants to set their hands to the work before them .What is the true message of this passage? When Yah speaks and declares that the silver and gold are his, he is in fact asserting his sovereignty and title to the earth’s resources as the creator and owner . Yah also declares in {Psalm Chapter 50:10} “For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.” David declares of Yah in {Psalm Chapter 24:1} “The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Men are not the true owners of the resources of this earth we were given charge over all things as stewards of the Most High for our survival and sustenance.

In my own understanding money is only a certified promised note that instructs fair and equal payment backed by a tangible asset{silver/gold} for our goods or services . Your goods e.g your crops or livestock is the main object and subject of currency. Money is just a means of exchange and a conversion from your hard asset into something easy to carry around where you can further exchange for other necessities or pleasures. In our world today money is not backed by anything as the gold standard been taken away and the westerners just print fake money out of thin air. This is coming to an end wherefore I implore you to use those fake bills in your accounts and invest in hard assets which only appreciate in value. The paper fiat currency is coming to its end and a new cashless currency is about to enslave the masses. 

Over the years I have warned about the over indulgences of social media, especially facebook and alarmingly no one really took heed. People are stilling posting their family pictures and engagements, accomplishments, your journals, your dining spots and leisure trips. Well facebook has finally come forward with an imposter crypto currency coin called Libra under the disguise of banking the unbanked around the world . I have put s series of videos together that you will understand this the pitfall of the new system which is about to change your lives and put a clamp on your liberties. The videos will further help you to see that all the warnings that I sounded over the years about social media and your indulgences.

 Facebook coin Libra is a go! and the world governments all know it, despite the clamoring and pretentious concern, about money laundering, gun trafficking, child porn and prostitution on the black market. It is all a joke! Wake up people how often you see government and banksters pretend that they are opposed to things which they deem potentially dangerous to the people? It’s the oldest political exploits used on the masses to keep us docile and in a false sense of security.  Its only to buy time to put regulations in place as facebook has beaten government and the banksters to the punch. The Libra coin once approved will rule; based on the large audience and subscribers facebook commands globally. Do you really think this is not in their favor to turn  Libra loose on society with all the data facebook has stolen from billions of people on a daily basis? wake up! wake up!

The catch phrase with the Crypto and Blockchain revolution  according to all these Crypto pioneers is banking the unbanked as the main sales pitch. While this is true they will all show their true colors and intention as daily new Crypto & Blockchain projects are being designed to integrate the very same institutions which always robbed and controlled the people. These innovators are the children of the old regime filled with youthful exuberance to save the world but they don’t see the dangers. They don’t see the raging wounded bull running full force at the matador with one intent to gore you up the behind socially and monetarily.  Watch Video Below 


Yes, Facebook is coming after you with centralized blockchain and coin called Libra and her partners are companies who also own all your data, visa, master card, Uber, PayPal, PayU (Naspers’ fintech arm), Stripe, Visa Technology and marketplaces: Booking Holdings, eBay, Facebook/Calibra, Farfetch, Lyft, Mercado Pago, Spotify AB, Uber Technologies, Inc.Telecommunications: Iliad, Vodafone Group and many others waiting in line to join up. Take heed! “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump” and joining hands with the infrastructure their controlling fathers it will only spawn more financial control over the people.

All these projects when merged together into tokenized asset classes will destroy the poor even more as the new breed crypto bankers and innovators carry on their DADDY’S control. Facebook and other institutions are going to catch the foolish in a trap that they will regret all their lives. Every invention and innovation always lure people in by projecting things that appeals to our needs but the underlying elements is the poison that kills and enslaves. Crypto enthusiasts and inventors are already  fighting for power, who is fastest blockchain and who is smartest. If the Crypto world is already so fragmented by egos and tribalism do you think any good will come out of this long term for the peoples? Just be aware all the chatter on the media is just fluff, smoke and mirrors, the banks are creating their own crypto coins but facebook have gotten the jump start of them, so for now its just delay tactics.

They are all in support of facebook on this move as a one world currency is the focus in these big circles. What better platform to integrate with the old banking system than face book a social media platform of over 2 billion users throughout the world to implement a cashless virtual currency. While all the crypto news bashing was going on over the years Zuckerberg sat back in the shadows learning the dance steps at crypto conventions and seminars and now he ready to party. They have learned all the steps to the crypto boogie and coming to wipe us off the dance floor.. Facebook Libra coin and many  of the other newer blockchain projects are not committed to what bitcoin should represent as they are building platforms to merge with existing institutions to continue the control over the nations. .

I am telling everyone again where this will all end up: the blockchain will be hijacked in a couple years by the whales and that includes many of the young bitcoin holders, rich kids and big institutions. They will all merge together to commit the same sins of the elders who hijacked the world under a false monetary system. In the long term I believe that Bitcoin will reach astronomical prices we cannot even begin to imagine right now, it will be pegged to the true price of gold and silver in the millions of dollars. All real estate property, land and such like assets will all be tokenized and the world will be subject to very intrusive and destructive social crediting…. mark my word the z-nation and millennials will commit the sins and even graver sins than that of their fathers the baby boomers and their fathers with this new tech.

The face book coin I believe will be the one coin to rule us all, its the perfect virtual currency which all governments and banks will eventually customize to their needs and make it law. This is not far fetched as facebook has a mass following of 2/5 the worlds population. Facebook is also the main information source for government and mega institutions, businesses and fake news propagandist like CNN,FOX, MSNBC. Facebook is looking to be the worlds largest institutional bank with a following as large as theirs it is not an impossible task.. There are on going talks of a cashless society among bankers and world leaders and this is the time many of you should be concerned.

I had brought your attention to social crediting in my last article and hopefully now you will see the bigger picture, because when I started this article I brought you from where it all started in our lives to what is before us today. My advise to you is start preserving your wealth and invest in agricultural land, where you can plant food and raise some live stock and harvest rain water. There is so much to be said regarding different scenarios that could arise out of this so I prepared videos that you have a better understanding. Maybe hearing it from people who more qualified than I to speak may leave a better impression.

I am the constant watchman on the walls watching and sounding the shofar

kaleb Yahdiel

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