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trueThere are moments when I know you the reader may wonder at my motives in presenting these articles, and I am aware of those concerns. Truth is, all that is being put out in these articles are truths hidden in books which we were told are taboo. We have been the object of ignorance  for to many centuries and it is about time that someone tells the truth as it is, without fear, without having to apologize, without feeling guilty or worse your friends walk away from you. These were the choices the prophets and apostles made and it cost them their lives, our lives are not our own but to serve a bigger purpose in reviving our nation and to constantly remind our young of who we are and what is our purpose in the earth. No matter how painful and harsh it may sound we need to to tell this truth and not be concerned about who hates us for it or loves us for it. There are only a handful in these evil times of whom  these messages will impact and affect positively, and blessed are they. We are in perilous times and I refuse to stay silent about these issues that has had our nation docile ignorant purposeless and complacent.

khalI have always drawn parallels with scriptures, historical facts, and current affairs in simplistic dictations that even the smallest mind amongst us will understand. This style I will not deviate from as it is important that we get it.  All be it that our  native Hebrew Language was beaten out of us, and our way of thinking has been tampered with through demoralization , cultural dogma and social psychology. We are all the victims of captivities abuse as prophesied, and we live very much like the gentiles speaking in their tongue and indulging in their own interpretations religiously and culturally. We as a nation somehow are not in the habit of questioning things, we just accept it and go along because Massa say so! Let  us look today at The following words and terms used in Modern Churches and you tell me if this is not worth your time to research these things and get out of these habits.

I bring to mind these issues which you also should ponder with great diligence,  our bibles today has been so westernized and I say this not out of malice for any denomination or disrespect to anyone who really loves the Holy Creator Almighty. The apostles names has all been transposed into European names from the inception of the bible in order to always make us see the Caucasian as the authority in every facet of life. Meanwhile there has always been a reluctance to teach  and a rejection of what we call the old testament, which somehow maintained a more Hebraic standard regarding the names of the prophets and priests of those times! Coincidence ? Hell no!

annunciationThe new testament was the tool used with deception , and was being pushed by the gentile  nations backed with a twisted Pauline doctrine which often at times contradicted the teachings of Christ, the Prophets and apostles. The new European Christianity had committed all the sins of their father Antiochus Epihanes just as he corrupted Israel by painting his cultural imagery and his people in the holy scrolls. Sadly Peter the apostle warned us about these foolish men we follow without question today.

{15}And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; {16}As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction. {17}Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness.

One should really ask them selves, if the new testament was  recorded many many years after Christ’s ministry, then what books or scrolls were the disciples teaching and quoting from? What scroll was Christ reading from when he went to Temple? What books and scrolls were Paul teaching from? What was Stephen quoting when he mentioned Joannes and Jambres? These names you will never find in your bibles but I will tell  you. He Stephen was quoting from The Book of the Upright{Jasher}

 Chapter 79 v {27} And when they had gone Pharaoh sent for Balaam the magician and to Jannes and Jambres his sons, and to all the magicians and conjurors and counsellors which belonged to the king, and they all came and sat before the king.


Sad-black-I am saddened every day that so many roads and opportunities are made open to you that you may grab this education, but only a few has the ability to see and to take action. My prayers are always for you my brethren to arise from slumber, Arise and take up your rightful place, come back to what we once knew, not wandering around the wilderness like our forefathers did for 40 years. Its been 400 years for us wandering in Babylon but only the truth will set us free. The following are terms and clichés we have accepted and use in our daily worship and practices, hopefully we can compare what is and what is not and decide which road you will like to travel. I will like to give my sincere thanks the brothers of the  website which provided this information regarding the terms we use today and what they mean.

The asterisks ( * ) indicate proper substitute words (Hebrew or English) that can be used by the True Believer, without reference to the words that have association to Sun-god worship.

                                                ANGELS OR MALAKHIM?

{1}. Angel/Angels from Greek Word “Angelos” meaning “messenger/messengers. Angelos was the name of a Greek god associated with Sun-worship. The Greek interpretation of an angel below



TRUTH ! * Malakh/Malakhim from Hebrew word meaning “messenger/messengers;” has no association with Sun-worship. This is a true depiction of what they call an angel. A chreub with four wings and of brass complexion. four heads as per picture.They are shape shifters and can appear to us in any form they see fit. They are are not two winged creatures with long yellow hair. They are also ministering spirts of the invisble realm



CHERUBIM (Cherub, singular for Cherubim): Second to only the seraphim, the Cherubim hold the knowledge of God. It is also they who are often sent to earth with the greatest of tasks; the expulsion of Man from the Garden of Eden and the Annunciation of Christ were both performed by Cheru

                                          SUNDAY OR SHABBAT?

 Sunday was the day set aside in the Mithra (Roman) cult as its official day to assemble together to worship its Sun-deity. Roman Emperor Constantine legislated Sun-day as a day of rest dedicated to the Greek and Roman Sun-god, Helios. Constantine worshipped “Christos Helios” which means “Christ-The-True-Sun.” The Roman Catholic Church venerates Sun-day as its Sabbath even today, and has handed it down to Christianity.



TRUTH* Shabbat/Sabbath is the Hebrew word pertaining to Eh’Yah’s 7th day of rest. It is the 4th Commandment (Exodus 29:8-11), and a sign for all Israelite generations (descendants) found in Exodus 30:13 & 17, Ezekiel 20:12 & 20.


                                     LORD OR THE ALMIGHTY?

 Lord comes from the old English spelling of “Lard” which comes from “Lar/Larth Lares,” Estruscan and Roman deities associated with Sun-worship. The Greek word “Kurios” was originally a title for the Greek and Roman Sun-deity “Helios” and was called “The Kurios (Lord) of Heaven and Earth.” The Hindu god “Krishna” is also known as “Lord.” The title “Lord” was eventually applied to all heathen deities. Most Bible translators continue to use the title “Lord” as a substitute name for The Most High Almighty.


Lord or Master

The word Lord  Injected into the scriptures  and was then attributed to these noble blood lines who ruled over the poor in the earth. The rich and wealthy

TRUTH * Eh’Yah esher Eh’Yah {I am that I am} is the Name given to Moshe/Moses in Exodus 3:15. It is the Name of the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, which appears in the Hebrew manuscripts, and is to be known by His people throughout all generations. 1 Cor 8:5 admonishes Eh’Yah people to know only the Father and no other “gods” or “lords.”



                                        JESUS OR YASHAR?

 Jesus comes from the Greek name “Iesous/IHSOUS” and Latin “Iesus.” “Iesous” is adapted from the name of the Greek goddess of healing “Iesos/Iaso,” the daughter of Apollo, the Sun-deity. This goddess was linked to the Egyptian “Isis” who had a son named “Isu.” During the era of Roman Emperors, there were numerous worshippers of “Isis.” Many converted to Constantine’s religion that mixed paganism with the Messianic faith that eventually became the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church continues to use the sunburst emblem known as the “Eucharist” which to this day contains the Greek letters “IHS” for “IHSOUS.” Further research reveals that the name “Jesus” is also linked to the Greek Sun-god “Zeus” who was the Greek interpretation of the Egyptian Sun-god “Amen-Rah.”


Gentile Jesus

TRUTH * Yahsha is the correct Name for the Savior. In all spellings and pronunciation, the Name is rendered to mean “salvation of YAH” or “YAH’S salvation/Savior.” The Name in its fullest translation means, “He (YAH) shall save His people from their sins,” Matthew 1:21. A descendant of King David of the tribe of Judah. A description of him from the book of ezekiel and a description of his father David taken from the GREAT BIBLE.

Isaiah 53:1 But who hath giuen credence unto the thinge we have hearde? Or to whom is the arme of the Lord knowne? Isaiah 53:2 For he did growe before the Lord lyke as a branch, & as a root in a dry ground, he hath neither bewtye{beauty} nor fauour. When we shall loke upon hym, there shall be no fairness: we shall haue no lust unto him. { Their will be no physical attraction to him because of his looks}


Now we take a look at King David’s Description: and we get a clear indication as to the ethnecity of the messiah Yahshar as he was of Davids bloodline. Logic dictates from all we read that he will look more like what The Book Of revelation Chapter 15 above  quoted.

The Book Of 1st 1 Samuel 16:12

1537 Matthew Bible
And he sent and brought hym in. And he was browne wyth goodly eyes, and welfauored in syght. And then the Lord said vp and anoynt hym: for this is he.

1539 Great Bible
And he sent, & brought hym in. And he was browne, and of an excellent bewtye, & well fauored in syght. And the Lorde sayde: Aryse, and anoynt him, for this is he.

The first public  bible, Wycliffe 1349 bible came off the Vulgate from the Vatican after they changed the text to rodi as in bibles today you see David was ruddy referring to a Caucasian. The great bible and Tynsdale Bibles were a direct interpretation from the original Hebrew Scrolls hence this bible was outlawed and he was assassinated. Many of the truer translations and expressions had to be covered up by Rome and the other gentiles. As we progressed in time the bible kept losing its true fervor and flavor with new editions every year changing the  meanings and concepts to appease this new world order. I REST MY CASE


Judge for yourselves

kaleb Charlz




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