Whited Out From The Bible! Video



I thank you for visiting this site, I am  an ordinary simple man with a burning passion to find the truth and bind the gaps which has kept our brethren apart for thousands of years . I am no scholar but well learned in the things regarding our heavenly father and his plans for our awakening as a people. In my journeys I have seen the carnage and suffering of peoples called by the elites minorities and bywords
I have seen the churches continue the action of the crusaders under this new Christianity doing nothing for the lost whom Christ demanded that we reach,except to continue the lies in convincing them that they are gentiles and we are a product of HAM’S CURSE

But who are the Lost?.They are the ones caught in the biggest lie the world has ever believed , this is the identity theft and lies which left the true nations of the Most High as paupers and minorities in the earth. The biggest crime and magic trick was labelling all blacks AFRICANS and our brothers the natives of the Americas and Caribbean labelling them INDIANS.
My purpose is to educate inform and inspire that we may come out of this pagan Babylonian system and rise spiritually from the curse we have put ourselves under and walk once again like Hebrew kings and Queens which we are.


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