Save Black Music Now!

The Message In The Word

Sing it Brethren

Sing it Brethren

This great band once chosen of God, Steel Pulse; were sending  messages to us of what was happening in the music industry and in our lives. Sadly we saw it did happen to them when they were flying high in success they suddenly fell because of managerial manuevres.The world system needed to shut up these brothers, so Satan injected a pawn and changed the whole direction of the group  having them sing worldly sex punk reggae with no message to the people sadly falling from grace and never recovered.This is a track from one of their previous albums look at the lyrics people it should still resonate in our members and hold people like Nicki Minaj accountable and not applaud that evil.



They tricked us with trinkets and beads
And tricked us right into slavery
Traditional customs
Crafts and arts
They put in their museums
Oh people don’t you see the plot… Yeh
To take all we’ve got

We’ve paid that price so many times
Comes to claimin’ dues we’re the first in line
Freedom songs echoed these plantations
I and I survive
To this present time
Oh people don’t you see the plot
To take all we’ve got




Got to save Black music
Fight to save sweet music now
Got to save Black music now

It no funny

Through our spirits came
Reggae Jazz Funk and Blues
Music the food of life
So don’t just stand there
And let them take your share
They claim that fame
And give you not a care

We walk those streets
Without a dime
Play hid and seek
The pie in the sky

Got to save Black music
Fight to save sweet music now
Got to save Black music now
Here me when I say
Gather round come get strong
Help I sing this freedom song

What is wrong with you people?

Many of you saw this happen to the greats in the late 80s their music was being suppressed and giving way to dirty rap and sex and violence. The killings of young blacks started to hit an all time high, it was the beginning of sorrows. The music in the churches changed from good old Negro Spiritual to a demonic money making version called contemporary Christian music.Artist will be singing to he and him and there was no mention of the Most High’s name.Bebe & CeCe sang great songs but they sang open and you had to fill in the blanks because they wanted sales to explode on the open market without mentioning the name of the Most High

The enemy knows that there is power in our songs when we worship, especially the Levites like Whitney Michael Lionel these brothers are Levites like the Haitians they were the singers of the bible. But who was here to direct them there was non only a bunch of false Antichrist uncle Tom preachers who were more focused on lining their pockets AND WATCHED OUR FINE BROTHERS AND SISTERS GET SWALLOWED UP BY HOLLYWOOD GANGSTERS AND  ILLUMINATI PIMPS!

Our people were further scattered on the mountains by these ravenous Evening Wolves who left us for the slaughter of the Jewish jackals who used us paid us and then stole it all back from us. Today our people are sell outs whores and pimps promoting themselves as Artists and Divas and you have your children glorifying these pimps and whores as good examples to our young.This should not be amongst us my friends turn your eyes from the evil thing!

Nicki That Demon From Hell

Nicki That Demon From Hell

Long ago divas were class acts now its a bunch of whores shaking their behind ,opening  up their private parts, and singing out the most profane and demonic things causing men to lust and sending our young black men and women to hell. Parents because you also accountable and you have failed to give proper guidance and that starts with these dead beat fathers today not nurturing our young men into men. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil for the one last thing we had was taken from us and that was our music, it could not have been done if our people had stood up in unity and say “this is all we got and we want to keep it”. The Psalmist did ask but how can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange Land



Part 2 the illuminati

Peace you all

Kaleb Charlz

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