The Fear Virus & Trigger To The Adoption Of A Cashless World


Alexander the Greek had great ambitions, he was not great as his kinsmen the historians claimed but a ruthless disturbed host! His quest was to conquer the whole world and have everyone function as one people under western governorship. This ideology by the west never dissipated but with cruelty it weaved itself into every culture worldwide. Today this is called globalization and is the image of the beast that rose out of the sea, the sea in prophecy represents the earth’s population. In our present time today we refer to it as the  the new world order. There is something very sinister developing and its time to take off the religious glasses and get out of your Jesus chairs and walk the walk as it is written.

When examining the attributes of this beast system it combines the spirit of the past world empires  Persia, Babylonian, Greco Roman Empire. The paganism inherited from Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome is woven deeply into Government, Christianity and all other pagan religions. Simultaneously the bullying of nations, destabilization, wars, sanctions and social control are placed on the smaller nations is very typical of Rome and Greece. This is the nature of the image of the beast and documented even before the apostles and the Moshiac’s reign. The following are documented biblical reporting of how the West systematically corrupted our ancestors

1st Maccabees KJV

{1} Now Judas had heard of the Romans, that they were mighty and valiant men,  and such as would lovingly accept all that joined themselves unto them, and make a league of amity{peace ,accord} with all that came unto them ;

{11} It was told him besides, how they destroyed and brought under their dominion all other kingdoms and isles that at any time resisted them; {12} But with their friends and such as relied upon them they kept amity: and that they had conquered kingdoms both far and nigh, insomuch as all that heard of their name were afraid of them:

{13} Also that, whom they would help to a kingdom, those reign; and whom again they would, they displace: finally, that they were greatly exalted: It has been proven time and time again through out history the power of divide and rule, we have hundreds oof different religions which all sprung from our heavenly fathers original laws,commands and statutes. There is a governmental structures and social structures that evovled an evil branch from the governmental structure of the heavens. There is also the social paradigm of evil which mimics the true paradise;designed to keep us distracted. This topic will discuss the integration from an old system to a more technological advanced revised Roman empire. This is taking shape in the form of what is called crypto currency and the block-chain which is transitioning us into a cashless society.

What is manifesting before our eyes is the prophetic and modernized upgraded technological beast system written by Daniel and John. We as disciples of Christ Yeh’sha need understand how this new global economy will affect each and everyone’s life. Throughout history we’ve seen how the beast of revelation works, these are the Western bullies with supreme military might and finance plundering poorer countries, and stealing their wealth.  In the past you needed a military force to conquer & control a country. Today force is not necessary at all. You can destabilize a country, make it poor then force it to request for help. For that help that is given to you gains control over the policies of that country, once they have control of a country’s policies they have effectively colonized it. 

Once the civil wars begins, the western media starts a campaign of slander against the ruling head of the country in a pretense they are for the poor. Sanctions are then enforced to break the government’s will coherently crashing the currency. The fighting escalates into coo attempts against the existing ruling party. The UN now has justifiable reason to infiltrate by deploying peacemakers to re-stabilize the country into the foolish natives hands. The Westerners then appoint a man as a leader who is programmed to dance to their beat. The country is now under tribute to the beast and her lawless traditions.

How many times do you have to see it to believe? Look at Syria, Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Libya, the wiped out American natives, Venezuela, China, and Israel occupied by impostors till this day. Haiti ruined by the Clinton’s as they obliterated the rice industry and stole their land and gold. These are all signs of the man of sin spoken by the the prophet Daniel, that man Antichus Epiphanes as this spirit lives on in the earth. As we are embarking on the world of total social control, the technology world is working at laser speed to perfect what they are calling blockchain technology and crypto currency payments. In other words a digital cashless system that will track our every movement and spending habits. Our hard earn money will be controlled by the enforcers by the click of an icon.

The book of Maccabbees Chapter 1 

 {41} Moreover king Antiochus Epiphanes wrote to his whole kingdom, that all should be one people, {42} And every one should leave his laws: so all the heathen agreed according to the commandment of the king. {43} Yea, many also of the Israelites consented to his religion, and sacrificed unto idols, and profaned the sabbath. {44} For the king had sent letters by messengers unto Jerusalem and the cities of Juda that they should follow the strange laws of the land, 

{45} And forbid burnt offerings, and sacrifice, and drink offerings, in the temple; and that they should profane the sabbaths and festival days: {46} And pollute the sanctuary and holy people: {47} Set up altars, and groves, and chapels of idols, and sacrifice swine’s flesh, and unclean beasts:

 There is a reset in the economy coming and they are just about ready to make the switch over into this cashless society. In order to achieve this there must be some type of catastrophic event that will convince the people. Well my friends it is here and in our faces today, the CORONA VIRUS is the switch the wicked kingdom needed to transition into their long term plan. Fear mongering confusion and panic has spread throughout the earth and organizations like W.H.O are insisting the dollar notes are key carriers of the CORONA VIRUS and other germs. They are calling for a cashless society. This is the same sentiment being expressed by the banking institutions around the world as they are all developing these block-chains and crypto currencies which will usher in new the digital currency.

This new hybrid internet has all the capabilities to cripple the least significant person on earth. This tech will encapsulate a wide spectrum of asset classes. Namely Banking, Cyber-security, Supply Chain Management, Predictive analytics, Should I go on? Hell Yes! The Internet of Things, Insurance, Charity Voting and elections, Government-systems, Social Media, Healthcare, Energy, Music, Retail, Real estate, Crowd-funding, Publishing.  The goal is to be one big centralized spiders web of government control. A financial, globalized, private, intrusive, network inclusive of all the above mentioned asset classes. These asset classes all are independent block-chains for now but will all connect to one main block eventually.

All the worlds data will exist in this big ecosystem provided by each asset class who produces such services or keeps records  e.g. Ai, Facial recognition, biometrics, social security, bank accounts, k.y.c, trading accounts, employment, medical records, dental,property ownership etc. The nations of the world will be at the mercy of this system as it punish or reward who they deem to be good or bad little boys and girls. Every nation, every business, every monetary transaction, Religion, ethnicity, anti-government or pro government, personal records, and all peoples will be locked into their centralized world as slaves. The “righteous commandment keepers” will be the biggest targets

The Book Of Revelation Chapter 13:16

{15} And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. {16}  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads : {17}  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  How will Rev Chapter 13:16 be accomplished? Once you understand the technology and its potential, trust me you will get it. The word worship is not referring to praying to some Anti-Christ man. Worship means to bow down to. The image of the beast is the current governance in the earth and is the personification of the old  Greek, Babylonian and Roman power which once ruled the earth. The very same standards and principles have been revived and is that spirit  that drives the super powers who run the world today

This system also includes a religious arm of the rebellious church which have out-rightly gone contrary to the commandments and laws of Yah. Therefore the righteous or anyone who takes a stance and not be in one accord with the new world system will eventually be persecuted more destructive form of social crediting. This brings to mind tariffs and sanctions embargoes executed on countries just as the Romans and Greeks under Antichus Epiphanes did to nations. See that? NOT ABLE TO “Buy or Sell= /trade/traffick” as written in the holy scrolls.

For those who are not techie or geeky let me do my best to explain block-chains and crypto currency in a way that a log will understand.This technology is for good intentions and very interesting but will be used to do everything that is wrong. To put it simply, block chains are the footprints or your www activity DNA. Just like our DNA the computer network’s leaves digital signatures specific to every transaction that ever took place via the internet. These are what we call algorithms.

 This extreme intrusion will be the future and will affect everything imaginable going forward. There will be no hiding place, as everything about your habits, likes, dislikes, hobbies, friends, whereabouts, your emails, texts, financial transactions, trading “BUYING and SELLING” is at their disposal. All our activities will be continually traced and monitored on the networks in 1s and 0s creating everyone’s profile. Social crediting? You awake up yet?

The first block created on the block-chain is called the Genesis block and as new information is added it creates other blocks progressively but all holding the information of the previous blocks. The most intriguing things is that we are deceptively giving away our information freely so that the world government will eventually take control over how we live. This we will explore as we move on.

For the last 30 years our data has been stolen via the internet and sold over and over to businesses. Money was created out of thin air which caused the economic crash of 2008. The nation’s pensions were stolen by bad actors like c.e.o.s of major investment banks. The housing market scam created by wall street bankers made thousands of people poor. 

Crypto-currency was created to disrupt these unjust centralized activities by providing transparency and keep honest ledgers that no one can alter. Today it is taking over by leaps and bounds and is more popular than the average person knows. On news we hear about Crypto-currency and everyone thinks only bitcoin or digital money. The majority of us have no clue or the concept of crypto-currency.

Bitcoin is its own block-chain and though it is generalized as a currency it is more a store of value like gold. It was created for the average citizen, even the poor that we have financial freedom from the fraudulent banksters. The vision is for individuals to trade without the middleman, eliminating financial fraud, guaranteeing equal weights and measures, and keeping your data private and secure It’s also a new electronic monetary system that uses a peer-to-peer network to prevent double-spending. It provides transparency and immutability on the network that no central organization can change ledgers , inflate the currency or cheat; you own your bitcoin, you become your own bank! Crypto currency and block-chain are not different things they are the same having particular roles which creates its own secure world.

Block-chain is the mother ship where crypto solutions run as a utility or as a currency.  Hence you can own a digital token = utility which provides a service or you can own a digital coin=currency which can be spent for goods and services. Designed and birthed with good intentions but soon to end up in the hands of the bad man

The block-chain, token, coins and the new internet will be taken away eventually from the public.   Privatized and institutionalized by IMF and World banks, Central banks, governments and World Judicial Authority. Military, Law enforcement, they have full access to all peoples of the world data. Yes all that Facebook and Instagram, emails, nude photos, traffic tickets, tax fraud and evasion, etc will use it as a tool to control every person in the earth. Block-chain technology is now being considered very viable by the financial controllers of the world namely the IMF and this is frightening.

This is unusual in a way on the part of the government; usually when a new technology of any type comes along governments usually grow very skeptical at first. The banks usually kick a tantrum as they are opposed to these innovations as it can threaten their stronghold on the peasants. Lately there is so much chatter about about vaccinations and globalization it is scary to think what is ahead of us. News Flash! The 10% of this elite western ancestry who controls all the world establishments; and finance; will not put their tails between their legs and run away.  The globalists are fully aware and fear that this new innovation can change the status quo and give power to and liberate the average person. All over the news today we read about the governments and banks involvement in crypto currencies and creating harsh regulatory laws to control the sector. Well we no longer need to wait in anticipation, they are about ready to take full control as the trigger been pulled. The jump start  to this  new cashless and social control is here. Bill gates, Satan’s eldest son is pushing the influenza vaccination and depopulation program and who knows what tomorrow news will be.

I tell you my beloved friends when the gentiles come around offering you aid, and how much they care about your country and your people, it is time to run! Run….., Run for your life!. Isn’t it funny  the sudden love some these young bright wealthy innovators of  block-chain have for Africa, Argentina, India, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Ehtiopia and quite lately Venezuela. Why? because they see opportunity when people are down.  Watch video see whats coming soon! 


The new pitch in Crypto Land is to bank the unbanked and incorporate very low transaction fees when sending money for loved ones abroad. Suddenly there is this love for Africa and India and Venezuela as they conspire as their fathers did and raped the nations.  Leading the charge is a company we hear of called Ripple, who appears as the angel of light. Be warned! this is not a love for the people but a means to accumulate wealth. IBM, Face-Book, and the likes of Cardano ADA; another engine, same tune as Ripple but their focus is AFRICA.

Ripple particularly is the unseeming dark angel, also there are some very bad angels nesting in the whole crypto space as we see face-book about to rollout its block-chain and coin called the Global Coin. It is evident though that this campaign is not for the sheeple but spans wider boundaries into the pockets of these undercover bankers, politicians and governments of the world.

Many big investment banks, the FED and CEOs are flirting with Ripple and this is going to be the smooth deceptive transition of total control over people. Ripple is using the breakthrough technology in a slightly different way to build a currency agnostic value exchange or value web. In other words they are looking in the future to peg this crypto currency to all asset classes and currencies globally. Eventually you can buy land, or a house, or a car using crypto transactions as they are pegged to these assets.The situation is so serious that the inevitable is that government and bankers will steer this technology and be front runners. As new partnerships find Ripple showcasing its reach and influence around the earth, there are so far over 200 institutions partnered with this power house’s block-chain Ripple Labs.

Most new adopters in the crypto space are very young and somewhat naïve to the fact that this is a highway to total control and imprisonment long term. People are jubilant and celebrating the adoption by the big banks. Well I got news for you, this puppy that is licking your face right will be the grown up dog that will bite you in the ass very soon.

This innovation is the ultimate tool for the tax collectors the IRS to track every transaction you make, it is already in their law to tax every transaction made trading crypto currencies. The power they will have to seize funds from your direct deposit when all these projects come together. These laws will be enforced when all these asset classes merge together into one and goes full stream.

The block-chain and crypto-currency will eventually be the devil’s chosen tool to rule the world! Every good invention of man he builds with a twist that only the wise understands the end result.  Watch video see whats coming soon! 


To many it looks appetizing but I know we are all due for a good belly gripe as it all comes in fruition. Mr Ron Paul the former presidential candidate went on record and said that the cashless society is the IRS’s dream.  They will have total knowledge of and control over the finances of every single American.

This social crediting system is being adopted by the Western powers as it is being sold to other countries. It will assess individuals, enterprise and government agencies on credits or punishment in four areas, administrative affairs, commercial  activities, social behavior and the judicial system.

Everything is trackable and traceable, an ideal weapon to impose pressure on the peoples financially and socially. This promise of banking the unbanked and lower fees will be sold to the public also as a safety measure against terrorism, prostitution and drug trading.

The fact that block-chain is much harder to hack than conventional digital technology will be another justifiable reason for the global adoption. The beast system and its image is coming alive on the new block-chained internet.

The Book Of Revelation Chapter 13:16

{16} And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: {17}  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 

During the next created crisis when the dollar  goes to zero, the masses will be coaxed into having more government control as a resolve to a problem that government themselves created. Our last bit of privacy is now out the window. The new block -chain driven Internet will be fortified with ways of controlling and extreme surveillance of all digital currencies, where it can be spent, what it can be spent on, who is spending it, all elements of control. The media tends to play these things down and have us focused on Mr. Trump all day, all night 24hrs nonstop they indoctrinate the world using witchcraft, magic and repetition to brainwash the young minds against their president. Then there is sports, celebrity bull crap with the Dirty Khadashian Bunch. As the Western media bring to to light China’s misdeeds of social crediting system its just a way to deflect their total involvement. The brilliant and ceaseless deployment of singling out China is known as psychological reflection where you reflect your dirty deeds on someone else so that you look innocent and appalled to those sins.

The infrastructure is here right now but still fragmented and like a puzzle it will all come together. What do I mean? The smart phone; your little robot friend is that tool hiding in plain sight and used daily against humanity. It has become an extension of mankind as people become a living wreck if they lose it or forget it at home or at the office. There is something coming smarter than smart phones, which will make the smart phone look very stupid.

Trust me, I get it! I get it! Progress is good you will say and national safety, these are all good things. Yes! but it is not without bigger consequences. These are all the same tricks Ha-Satan reels us in with! This trap is being set for everyone via a future smarter device and you will always be connected to the mother-ship via 5g networks. The whole of humanity will be subjected to global surveillance, social crediting and intrusive transparency.

This crypto thing has its advantages if used wisely, but used in the wrong way will be the most destructive weapon ever used on humanity. Having  fiat currency one can spend it whichever way he/she wants, buy anything, give it to anyone and no government knows.  With this new tech everyone sees everything, every transaction being its a public block-chain  which is a deterrent for fraudsters. The flip side is; if taken over by the elite class it becomes a weapon against us all and they can cover their corruption by making it private.

Their sales pitch will be safety of the citizens to monitor terrorist activities, and money laundering, illegal arms purchasing, prostitution and so forth. The fear factor is already instilled in people through the media constant fear mongering hence the people will agree. Word to the wise, if you did not sign an agreement with the world system then the ability to use this technology in the future, you stay carless, jobless, hungry and die. You will not be able to buy or sell, get a job or do anything without this technology. The block-chain driven ecosystem will ensure through consensus that you are an enemy of the system. This a reality as prophecy is being fulfilled. The book of revelation forewarned us of this time.

Again this will be sold to the world under the guise of convenience and safety and a war on drugs, theft, crime, terrorism. and all the usual nonsense. The outcome will be devastating to freedom and financial disposition for the have nots and middle class when the bad man takes over the crypto currency arena. I am the watchman on the wall sounding the horn for my people to take cover.

The Book Of Revelation Chapter 15 Verses 2

{2} And I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire,  and those who have the victory over the beast ,  over his image and over his mark  and  over the number of his name , standing on the sea of glass, having harps of God.

The image: false religion and rebellion

The mark of the beast is an amalgamation two things bundled into one  …. firstly is the disobedience and denial of the laws commandments and feast days. This we see in many churches today The acceptance of the gentile ways and joining ourselves to their traditions and living worldly. This is enemity against Christ and  no matter how much tambourines and organs you play on Sunday morning, you are not on the righteous side of the matter. If there is no difference between a believer and the heathen you will be counted with the heathens. This will lead to the next pahse the recruiting and your membership id

The mark: compliance and registration into the system

The physical part of it which refers to the sign in your hand is the agreement to walk obediently to the evil system in the earth and agree with all it does as it opposes the laws of the Most high Creator. This is where you sign your life over to the world, an actual registered agreement they will term compliance, either swearing in by taking an oath or registering on the block-chained-internet for your citizenship into that New World Ecosystem. Some type of computerized electronic id device will give you access to all your buying selling, flying, employment etc final aspect of the mark of the beast is the

The number : individuals will be identified by a name of a specific id number 


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