Suppression & Conspiracy On Book Of Enoch & Others

It is an injustice to give men glory for the magnificence and ingenuity of the our God! They take credit for their opinions and untruths about the creation and write books and sit over us as scholars and great men.They lie and deny Eh’Yeh’s creation, laws and prophecies and the sheeple believe them. Many of the religious institutions are at a tipping point and will face the music. There are many who are so caught up in men’s precepts and concepts of the word of God. The church goers of today trust worldly men’s twisted words and opinions before Eh’Yeh’s truth given to us in scripture. Scholars and religious men have now knocked out Messiah Christ out of the top spot giving occasion to honoring fables and best selling books.

“I LIVE TO TELL” the whole truth! Christ Yeh’sha is representative of all that were written in the scrolls, he is the living word and scripture. When we reject scripture we deny him. I am not afraid today to stand in the midst of those who may doubt in prideful arrogance.The very same bible we boast encourages to search out all scripture. Precept upon precept, line upon line a little here a little there. The book of Enoch is in question today as Christ himself quoted and referenced the Enoch scroll as scripture. James and Jude also quoted scripture from Enoch scrolls.

The following are just few snippets of parallel precepts which will form the ground work of this discussion. The Book of Enoch is subdivided into five basic scrolls, but it is the The Book of Parables (v37-v71) which is primarily about “the messiah”; “the righteous one”; “the chosen one” and “the son of man and his father the ancient of days. Are not these things recorded in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation.?”

 (Mat 5:5)Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.<> (Enoch 5:7 {6:9}) The elect shall possess light, joy and peace, and they shall inherit the earth.  The Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the son (John 5:22).<-> The principal part of the judgment was assigned to him, the Son of man.(Enoch 69:27 {68:39}

 They shall inherit everlasting life (Mat. 19:29)<-> those who will inherit eternal life (Enoch 40:9 {40:9}

 “Woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. (Luke 6:24)<-> Woe to you who are rich, for in your riches have you trusted; but from your riches you shall be removed. (Enoch 94:8 {93:7}).  

 Ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. (Mat. 19:28)<-> I will place each of them on a throne of glory (Enoch 108:12 {105:26})  

 Between us and you there is a great gulf fixed. (Luke 16:26)<->by a chasm . . . [are] their souls are separated (Enoch 22: 9,11{22:10,12}) 

 In my Father’s house are many mansions (John 14:2)<->In that day shall the Elect One sit upon a throne of glory, and shall choose their conditions and countless habitations. (Enoch 45:3 {45:3}

One of the main and most important things the enemy wanted to hide was the fabricated lie of a global earth. Science has been adamant to holding up this untruth and insists that the earth rotates around the sun.The book of Enoch, Genesis, Joshua, Yasher and the book of Jubilees agrees that the sun and moon rotates around the earth. Joshuas Chapter xx confirms this when Eh’Yeh stopped the sun and the moon from rotating around the earth. Genesis, Encoh, Baruch and Moses’s Book Of jubilees explains the whole layout of the earth,the luminaries and time. These give more details than the book of Genesis and agrees fully with the creation by our heavenly father.

In the first chapter of Genesis, Moses wrote “and God said let there be Rakia”, that is, “an expanse”, (which in certain texts of the Scriptures is translated as “firmament”or “vault” “dome”) “in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the water. And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were beneath the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Shamayim”  And God said, let the waters under the heaven (Shamayim) be gathered together unto one place and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

And God called the dry land, the Earth; and the gathering together of the waters, called He the seas, etc”, and later God said (verse 14), “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven.” The Hebrew word shamayim is a dual or plural form related to the shemitic root “*šamāy-“. sham (שָׁמ) (loaned from  “sky” ), and mayim (מַיִם) meaning “water”. In Genesis 1:6 Elohim separated the “water from the water” the firmament between are the heavens like a dome or vault. He put the lights inside the firmament

{2nd Baruch Chapter 51} 41 On the second day you created the angel of the sky and commanded him to separate the water, so that part of it would move up above the dome{vault} of the sky and part remain below. 42 On the third day you commanded the water that covered the earth to come together in one place and cover one-seventh of the earth’s surface. Then you dried out the rest of the earth’s surface to make dry land, so that it might be cultivated and planted and used in your service

The book of {Joshua 10:13} and the book of Yasher confirms that the father stopped the moon and the sun from rotating. What is great is that the bible asked the question isn’t this account written in the book of Jasher. From the scriptures it s very clear that we are covered by a dome or vault of the heavens over the earths surface. Genesis chapter xx explained the very same thing. There are 13 ancient scrolls that are mentioned in the Bible; the Ancient Book of Jasher is still exists and is referenced in {Joshua 10:13}; {2 Samuel 1:18}; and {2 Timothy 3:8}.

These verses you can read for yourselves as confirmation to the truth and please do. All information given is not my opinion but the truth from all scriptures. The foolish will rather give honor to men than give the glory to our heavenly father.They despise his truth to be friends with the world and glorify men rather than Eh’Yeh.  Enoch addresses men in the future writing all sorts of lying books. The people become deluded holding these works as truth over what was spoken of by Christ, the prophets and apostles to support arguments on scripture denying the word. {The Book Of Enoch Chapter 104 }And now I know this mystery, that sinners will alter and pervert the words of righteousness in many ways, and will speak wicked words, and lie, and practice great deceits, and write books concerning their words

 {The Book Of Enoch Chapter 104 }But when they write down truthfully all my words in their languages, and do not change or minish ought from my words but write them all down truthfully –all that I first testified {12} concerning them. Then, I know another mystery, that books will be given to the righteous and the {13} wise to become a cause of joy and uprightness and much wisdom. And to them shall the books be given, and they shall believe in them and rejoice over them, and then shall all the righteous who have learnt therefrom all the paths of uprightness be recompensed.’ 

Disappointingly the twisted Pauline doctrines created by the father of Marcionism and philosophy takes precedents over the scrolls of the prophets.  Its funny how the modern churches swears by a cannon made up by the Hellenistic serpents yet they disobey the laws statutes and commands contained in it’s scriptures. Christ came fulfiling all what is written in the scriptures but they had their curriculum and stumbling blocks in place to misguide the people. Enoch was given the vision of these wicked men in the end times writing books to outlaw the true word. The book of Enoch tells the wretched fate of the same doubters and fakes. These and much more they needed to conceal from the masses to inject their doctrines.

 {Isaiah Chapter 29}{13}Wherefore the Lord said, For as much as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men

It was important to keep this knowledge away from the people and deny Christ as the son of Eh’Yeh. They needed to protect many other false teachings like life after death and them being true enemies infiltrating the church as holy men.. The book of Enoch and Baruch were quoted many times over by the prophets apostles and Christ Yeh’sha. He referred to these scrolls as scripture because they all contain information on his existence before being a man, birth, ministry, death, resurrection and his glorified stature in the heavens. A small example follows and there are many many more.

 The Book Of Enoch Chapter [Chapter 105] {1} In those days the Lord bade (them) to summon and testify to the children of earth concerning their wisdom: Show (it) unto them; for ye are their guides, and a recompense over the whole earth. {2} For I and My son will be united with them for ever in the paths of uprightness in their lives; and ye shall have peace: rejoice, ye children of uprightness. Amen

Today an even more strict cannon is in effect and unlearned men mock the law keepers and Sabbath keepers calling us pharisees and Judaizers. Mean while they impose the very same restraints as Pharisees on scrolls written by prophets as non canonical and uninspired. Isn’t that a hypocrisy? I am shocked to the core hearing men admitting that Christ used these ancient text and quoted from them but yet they don’t consider it because it was not canonized by the same Sanhedrin Hellenize Hebrews and western so called scholars. This mixing of western cultism into the Hebrew culture was the beginning. The pious Hebrew religious leaders were now merging ideologies with the Greeks and Romans and allowing them major roles in the temple

{The Book Of Ezekiel Chapter }{6}Tell the rebellious house of Israel that this is what the Lord GOD says: ‘I have had enough of all your abominations, O house of Israel. {7}In addition to all your other abominations, you brought in foreigners uncircumcised in both heart and flesh to occupy My sanctuary; you defiled My temple when you offered My food— the fat and the blood; you broke My covenant. {8}And you have not kept charge of My holy things, but have appointed others to keep charge of My sanctuary for you.

Like a black and white minstrel a new religion was born; a mix of the Hebrew holy oracles was now intertwined with Roman and Greek cultism creating Judaism. This spirit later caught on to the modern new age church and in scripture she is called the mother of harlots. Over the centuries it bore  more children and contaminated the world through blood shed to accept this new Hellenist modified Christianity. The word Anti takes on 2 different concepts the first being to be against someone or something and the most important of all it means instead of, opposite of or replacement! We all grew up hearing the term Antichrist and the picture in our minds is a man who will sit in a temple as an impostor. 

It is much bigger than that!! Antichrist is a religious system that will use his name but they will not abide by his laws and statutes and the commands. There will be a form of godliness using the the same bibles but teaching men at the same time to deviate from the books of the prophets. walking contrary to the truth. They will say lo here is Christ he is here. Isn’t this what the modern churches do? Hey we believe and we profess Christ and draw many in, but the true word is denied and fluff and disobedience is taught for godliness.That is the Antichrist spirit; the replacement and twisting of truth; adding and taking away. 

{18} Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that Antichrist shall come, even now are there many Antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. {19} They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. When you are being enticed with doctrines which differ from the spoken word of our heavenly father and Christ then its the {“instead off”} the Antichrist spirit.  Brother Shaul warned of{The Book Of Timothy Chapter }{5} Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. {7} Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Christ’s ministry was always under attack by this familiar anti spirit. Wicked religious men, ever learning from their books, holy apparel, always close by spying, setting doctrinal traps, falsely accusing and doubting his words. This is the anti Christ spirit

 “Blessed Are the Meek, for They Will Inherit the Earth” (Matthew 5:5)<>And I will transform the earth and make it a blessing: And I will cause Mine elect ones to dwell upon it:(The Book Of Enoch Chapter 45:5. This particular verse is a stinger to the corruptors because they teach you that you go to heaven to live with the Lord when you die. Also to protect the false rapture doctrine and other lies the books were deemed not inspired!!!!

The book of Enoch does not oppose the prophets or messiah Yeh’sha but uplifts and magnify the son and the father. To make a strong case for these so called “apocryphal books”. The Greek Old Testament, or Septuagint from the Latin: septuaginta, ‘seventy’; often abbreviated 70; in Roman numerals, LXX), is the earliest extant Koine Greek translation of books from the Hebrew Bible, various biblical apocrypha, and deuterocanonical books. EVIDENCE ONCE AGAIN THAT THE BOOKS THE GENTILES DEEMED APOCRYPHAL WERE ESTABLISHED IN THE SEPTUIGINT. Remember brethren our savior said all scriptures is about him therefore do not allow no man, no pastor, no priest deny you from the word of Eh’YEH!

{Enoch Chapter 46:1-2}, There I beheld the Ancient of days whose head was like white wool, and with him another, whose countenance resembled that of a man. His countenance was full of grace, like that of one of the holy angels. Then I inquired of one of the angels, who went with me, and who showed me every secret thing, concerning this Son of man; who he was; whence he was; and why he accompanied the Ancient of days. He answered and said to me, This is the Son of man, to whom righteousness belongs; with whom righteousness has dwealt; and who will reveal all the treasures of that which is concealed: for the Lord of spirits has chosen him; and his portion has surpassed all before the Lord of spirits in everlasting uprightness.”

There was an other incident as the religionists tried to trap Christ regarding the resurrection. He replied to them that they error NOT Knowing scripture. in the resurrection the rigtheous will be like angels. What scripture was Christ referring to? In the canonized bible there is no detailed descriptive evidence of the resurrected souls. Nothing we can find that reflects Christ answer to the Sadducee regarding the resurrected righteous souls. Paul in the new testament mentioned how the transformation but no details which proves that he read the prophets like Enoch and Baruch and Esdras for that understanding. 

John the revelator wrote a little of it as he saw in the vision. Where did Christ and brother Shaul so accurately quote from? The new testament was not around during their ministry they the ones were recording events of their era.!! The answers brother and sisters is they studied the apocryphal scrolls as scripture. Barcuh Enoch and Esdras refers and details the resurrection of the saints in their glorified angelic bodies

 {‘2nd Baruch Chapter 51 }{10} For in the heights of that world shall they dwell and they shall be made like unto the angels and be made equal to the stars, and they shall be changed into every form they desire,  The nations are in a stupor giving honor to the precepts of men rather than the true word of God. Christ whom we know is the living word of his father in heaven came in the volume of the books as mentioned in the book of Hebrews. Messiah said to the apostles “These are the words I spoke to you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about Me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms.” 45 Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. 

The false religions, its  founders and worldly scholars have done much violence to scripture. They exalt an incorrect interpretation of what really identifies “the church” by adding and taking away and giving men’s vain imaginations and theories for doctrine. They take away the glory and praise due to our heavenly father and give it to men who lie.

A good definition and true definition of the congregation of Eh’Yeh should embody this major sign, people who have the testimony and faith in Christ and who obeys the laws of God. This is written in the book of Revelation bold as the sun in the sky. The apostles were teaching the same even brother Shaul whose letters they do not understand and twist it with precepts from another demon Marcion the father of the Pauline doctrine. Polycarp a righteous Hebrew believer was killed for upholding the scripture as Marcion sold out to the Romans and sided with them.

Meanwhile I am here at my little corner I continue to seek the truth and strive to do the will of my heavenly father and wait for his promises . I pray and hope that the 95% of the people who disagree with scriptures and are are cynical, arrogant, ignorant and skeptical release themselves from the bondage of religion. The truth will set you free but because many of you have denied the truth the father has sent a strong delusion that you believe lies of men.


Peace, guidance to the brethren

Caleb Yahdiel



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