The Biblical 70 yrs and 120 yrs Misunderstanding

Time in the bible is of much importance to all of us as the assembly of disciples or {talmideem} of the messiah Yeh’sha. It is imperative that we heed the warnings of the prophets and apostles of the wily cunning ways of the adversary. Ha-satan is the god of this earthly kingdom and he will do anything by whatever measures to ensure that we do not go in the right path to obtain the inheritance promised to Abraham through our ancestors. The more Ha-satan can draw us away from the truth its a victory for him, because he does not want to give up his temporary rule. Be not deceived as brother Shaul warned!  In the assembly then; there were men who were professing righteous works as that of the apostles but they were Ha-satans agents in disguise.

{2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 13-15}

{13}For these false apostles are deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. {14} And it is no marvel, for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. {15} Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers transform themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works

This should be taken seriously as many many pastors and priests today are feeding you perverted doctrines of devils to keep you in that place of stupor. They will not teach sound doctrine! but inspires the people into believing lies rather than the truth. I implore you all and encourage you to search the scripture; apply precept upon precept and pray that you find the truth, pray for the wisdom to understand your value and your worth in that new kingdom to come. Understanding of the time is important for our journey into the next life.

Are we on the correct time and calendar and did our Sovereign Creator gave us an expiry time to live of 70 years? These are the million dollar questions. Many believe  that we are and this will be addressed and explained as we study the word together. I have come across many church attendees who are close friends and family who holds on to certain doctrinal teachings which is not at all biblical and its very hard to reach that part of them that they at least balance things and further test the scriptures. Often we repeat the cliches stemmed from incorrect doctrinal teachings  engraved in our mind without even thinking or consulting the holy oracles.

The illogical and irresponsible teaching  that PSALMS 90:10 is confirming that our life span is 70 years is another great example of unlearned ministers repeating the westerners errors. It is so far from the truth because as it makes our sovereign father a liar and all his prophets deceivers. If this was a law of life instituted by the father then everyone reaching the age of 70 throughout the universe should just fall over and die. As a matter of fact in today’s world people still live beyond 80 years to 100+ years.  It is time to dig deeper into the Hebrew meaning of things as the bible was not an English gentile book but a Hebrew record of things and life and times based of the creators calendar of time.

A good place to start is the book of creation Genesis or known in the Hebrew as {Beresheeth} the father’s first commandment to all humankind is that the 7th day is his set aside and sanctified. The 6 days is also a representation of the existence of man in our current state on this earth which is equivalent to 6000 years. Remember one day with the honorable sovereign creator is a thousand years.  The seventh day represents the thousand year reign in paradise on earth with Yeh’sha as our king and his government the 144000 of the 12 tribes of Israel.

The the laws of time was given to Israel and it was measured in jubilees 50 years , a sabbatical year which is 7 years,  sabbatical weeks which are 7 weeks segments of 7 which is considered in prophecy a week of weeks.. The gentiles never understood this in their translations in prophecy  therefore things got really ugly and chaotic regarding the prophetic word. Today we follow a Gregorian Roman calendar, I refer to it as Satan’s calendar. The gentiles year begins in January but scriptures shows us the year begins in the first day of spring like mid march when everything comes back new.

Based on what we already know let us look at this 70 year mystery and the 120 year mystery of genesis and put this to rest. The prophets warned us about dangerous teachers and the men who will seek to change times and laws” . We will not use the Roman calendar to prove anything because it cant but we use scripture to prove all things because it will! In the book of Genesis or the Hebrew {Beresheeth}. First thing we must establish is how long will man rule on this current earth which is key in understanding the whole show. We have in Genesis Chapter 6:3 where our holy father says his spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he is flesh: yet his days shall be 120 years. What does this mean? Certainly not what you think.

We looking the book of the psalms 90:10: The days of our years are seventy years and there are people who really think that this saying that we are to live up to 70 years or 80 years. Here is the break down of this mystery which confuses most people. First of all when studying the holy scriptures one must not approach it from a western view point and always remember that the culture was Hebraic and not pagan western interpretation. The customs were different from the western world, so therfore one has to dig deep into the culture at the time of the reporting of the holy scrolls, the way they calculated time dates and the feasts. 

So lets address the 120 years which some think it is one person lifespan. As below and explained above how did this 120 years come about? Its simple! A jubilee is 50 years, therefore 6000 years divided by a jubilee year {50yrs} will give us 120 Yovel years on earth. This is how our ancestors calculated time and its much different than the heathens.  {Yovel:} {the Jubilee year, the fiftieth year of the Shemittah cycle, during which all properties return to their original owners and all slaves are freed }

Now addressing the 70 years which others also believe to be the appointed time for human life expiration. This is not a contradiction in scripture to the 120 yrs but  just saying the same thing in a different way. The prophets had to speak sometimes in codes that the enemy will not fully understand things and very learned about their culture the Hebrews understood their measure of time dates. {Psalm 90:10} You have set our iniquities before You, our secret sins in the light of Your presence..Days of our years, in them [are] seventy years, And if, by reason of might, eighty years, Yet is their enlargement labour and vanity, For it hath been cut off hastily, and we fly away

This is the Psalmist making supplications to Eh’Yah as he confesses Israels sins, and because he is knowledgeable of prophecy he understands the fall of man at creation, the responsibility of the nation of Israel, her sinful ways as he pleads for mercy. This verse must not be taken as a directive from Ey’Yah that man’s life is now 70 years. The mystery is is follows and you can refer to the calculations below. In 6000 years there are 840 sabbatical years! remember 1 sabbatical year is = 7 yrs   840 x 7 =6000 yrs. Now how did we derive 70 years? 12 tribes of Israel therefore  840 sabbatical years divided by 12 for each of the tribes of Israel.

Now the question will be asked what about the 80 years? Well the 80 years I will show you on a smaller scale then look at the diag. above. You are all familiar with Pentecost yes? Well Pentecost is a jubilee week of weeks 7 weeks x 7 =49 days. One more day is added to make it 50 this is why the gentiles called it Pentecost but it is a jubilee. Notice that the seven weeks + the 1 day. The 80 years is derived the same way because we are now dealing with the sabbatical year which is 7 years and we have 840 of them.+ the Yovel years 120 = 960    960/12 = 80 years set apart. Take some time and understand the Jubilees how it works in the Hebrew context because this is the only way to unravel the mysteries and prophecies in the holy books. 

The months and days changed order

On a final note be aware that the calendars today all honor Greek and Roman Gods as the months and days were named after these fallen angels. The days of the week just the same all pagan gods. One exceptional piece of evidence I can justify my stance on regarding the beginning of the year is as follows. The first  is that from January to august these months are all named after gods But from September to December they maintained the original numeric convention identified by their position in the original calendar .

Long ago the months had no names they were just numbers according to the seasons. If you look closely at September in the Greek means 7, Oct means 8,  Nov is 9,  Dec is 10.. So we can clearly see that if we count back from seven {Sept} to the number one we will end up in the month they called March which begins the true first month of the year. The proof is in the pudding. December is month #10 therefore their January will be the 11 month and mid February to mid march will be the 12 month and the new year begins.

I hope this puts it all to rest and once you fully understand it then tell pastor he is wrong!!


kaleb yahdiel






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