The Eagle In Our Midst

*Hello readers as I greet you in the name of his imperial majesty the one Sovereign* and true creator, the God of Y’hisrael and his divine son our brother and saviour Yashar. To my brethren first of whom we were commissioned to teach the truth and then the gentiles brethren who walk in obedience also to the word. There are those of you who know me and follow my articles and those also who may see me as an enemy of the church, but in the right context I will surely admit that I am opposed to the false organization in the earth called the church powered by the eagle of Daniels vision.












This is a hijacked reformed and re-patterned institution using our righteous oracles of the prophets and our people to solidify their pagan man made traditions and culture. Using our holy books mixed with their ideologies and the name of their Jesus to trick us into false worship ultimately moving away from the old ways. We thus become apostate to what the true assembly of God, what is ordained for us and commanded to follow. Excerpts such as this should deeply concern any Christian. “How could an entire century simply vanish? referring to the dark ages! What’s even more alarming is the church that emerged from the darkness.

Christ teachings and the prophets  had been in the process of transformation as it progressed, but at the close of the period  70ad to 170ad  in many respects quite different from the apostolic teachings. Why would God’s true assembly ever change? Why does everyone assume that the Congregation Christ founded and the distinctly different church that peaked through the fog of the lost century are one and the same

Though in your eyes I seem like the enemy I am not! I am here to expose the lies and tell the truths that we been blinded too. The love for my people is what drives me, and if you are sitting in these organizations just to feel good singing “kum bayah”, then that is not good enough. With all things said I am standing the same ground as our Lord and Saviour Christ whom we all love, the son and heir to the throne of The Most High.

He stood up for the truth in the midst of his own rebellious people,stubborn , hard hearted, the ignorant and the indoctrinated as they embraced the Grecian culture which had spread itself through out Jerusalem. Yes as we are today they abandoned the faith and grew bitter when Christ brought the truth as he posed a threat to the perverted system that was now growing strong. He threatened Satan’s kingdom, the power and rule in the earth. And as evidence of his love for the truth he was chastised bruised and we killed him just to be down with The Eagle.


The Priests Pastors Leaders,Judges were corrupt, making unjust laws, raising taxes, no regard for the poor, teaching fables for doctrines denying the faith, lies, murder of the just and prophets, money laundering. These crimes all committed under the name of religion and politics, just as is evident in today’s world only very much disguised that you cant even see it. You my brethren are a multitude of some of the finest and brightest minds the world has ever known but you just have not realized your significance as of yet.

But as sure as the sun will rise again there are those of us who will see through this illusion and wake from the slumber of this deep sleep to continue the mission of truth. It is time to stop looking at the sun as it blinds you and stop taking the truth as some type of personal attack on you. If you are feeling the heat is is only the reality of the truth that is making you sweat.

hijackedIt is imperative that we understand that in this big circus of the illusionist that the faces of this great effort they now are calling globalization, are the bloodlines of these same men of old. They are very prestigious. the wealthiest families in the world and most powerful. They are the chief Judges and magistrates and religious leaders all in cahoots as they conspire to bring us to the one world order under their false universal church and government.

They conspire as a shadow organization that spans across the continent procuring Alexander,s vision to conquer the whole world. This power is quite visible in the earth today and getting stronger only to be brought down in the future by the 2nd coming of the real Messiah. The blood lines of Esau continued through Alexander and Epiphanes and are the Edomites ruling today in high places as governments and in private sectors.

The Book Of Hubbakuk Chapter 2 Verse 11

{11}Surely the stone will cry out from the wall, And the rafter will answer it from the framework. {12} Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed And founds a town with violence!

The world we live in is the world they created and have invested zillions of dollars to keep you believing that this is the answer and the true way of life, but it is all fake and nurtured into our being by their education system,twisted religious beliefs and cultural adaptation imposed cunningly through media. As you we are blinded by the pleasures of Sports, Dancing with the stars,Celebrity cribs,the falsified media news reporting, we are being eaten alive as they secretly create chaos, raise your taxes,put into effect laws that invade ones privacy,start wars, and when it suits them they resolve it and now becomes the heroes.

is the New World Order a theoryThese people are a small group compared to innumerable count of human life in the earth, their alliance affect “SEA-CHANGE” in every aspect of our lives. This means a gradual transformation in which the form is retained but the substance is replaced. They are now the gods of the earth as they manipulate the value and distribution of commodities stolen from third world countries, agriculture produce,precious metals,water,oil,fuel etc. Even the information you rely on to tell us who we are via media or the schools is tainted and patchy half truths.

Many of you recognize these truths and choose to ignore it because we are friendly with this system and its delicacies, we make excuses like “well! Christ will come soon all we can do is pray”. Nonsense!! we were called to action, not just praying but to teach the truth, reach our people, obey his laws and flee this wicked system returning to the old ways ordained by God. Serving him as he asked, not following the traditions of a heathen nation that rules over us by blood shed and tyranny. Our call to action is to not eat her delicacies because she is a whore! but look unto the holy one of Israel for his guidance in obedience. 

The Book Of Hubbakuk Chapter 2 Verse 7-9

{7}Will not your creditors rise up suddenly, And those who collect from you awaken? Indeed, you will become plunder for them. {8}Because you have looted many nations, All the remainder of the peoples will loot you– Because of human bloodshed and violence done to the land, To the town and all its inhabitants. {9}Woe to him who gets evil gain for his house To put his nest on high, To be delivered from the hand of calamity!…

I ask of you read my articles as I have provided precepts and the verses new and old testament, maps and Hebrew historical books making it easy to understand. This topic will usher in the the following topic as I will continue to show the ways of the eagle and her origins. There will be historical references and biblical evidence to uphold this as truth and maybe arouse your consciousness.

Caleb Charlz

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