Libya The Original & Only Africa

cdn-indiewire-comThe land mass we know as Africa today is the reinvention and the construct of cunning and wily minds, I say that based on biblical historical facts which even renowned religious scholars know as fact and will not tell this truth. The Libya we know today is the original and only Afrika and this article will break it all down for you the reader.

The  religious historians and archeaologists continue to side with the secular world in continuing the lies and deception. Through the education system we are bombarded with their untrue versions and invented heroes. A prime example is the legend of Hannibal a Libyan Afrikan conqueror whose identity was stolen by caucasians portraying him in their history books  as a white man. We all are the recipients of these diverse teachings in univerities and seminaries.

The majority of us today are  clueless as to what is going on, we just take and eat without reading the fine prints. Let us go back a little as we look to the book of Genesis in order to establish the origin of Libianios “Afrika”. I will present scripture to you and then Hebraic Historical records and then secular maps created by plundering greedy westerners which will prove my point.

So often we come to cross roads and dead ends when studying the bible because there seems to be gaps we cannot fill and it is frustrating.The reason for this is the historical aspect of your bible study has been deliberately shunned or taken away by discouraging the in-depth study of the old testament and other books which were extracted from our historical scrolls.

These hidden books are so called and deemed forbidden that we will not indulge in its content which reveals their secrets.This was and is by design for you are a threat to their empire and in waking up you are no longer a captive bird under their cages of false hood.

irgendwo_in_afrikaThe Book of Genesis chapter 9 clearly shows us the facts as you will also discover that Canaan was a Hametic region called Israel today! Yes we lived amongst the Canaanites who spoiled us, as we started to inter marrying and participating in that voodoo rituals, although we were commanded not to mess with these traditions when we moved into the land promised to us. I am getting a little ahead here just wanted you to know so lets begin.

This land of green and riches given to the nation of the Hametic peoples, the children of Ham whom are called today Africans. Why is this so few may ask?

Let us ask ourselves the obvious question, if Egypt/Mitzraim and Canaan/Israel were nations born from their father Ham why are these two not considered “so called” African nations? The answer is simple my friends! they never were and will never be so, reason being is that the westerners knew from the get go that the area Libya or/Phut was that area called Afrika.They through their exploits renamed the lands surrounding and divided it according to their own greed and lustfulness for wealth.

This was just another attempt to hide us as a people that our name Israel will not be remembered no more! The whole region over the years till this day is now called Afrika and that is so far from the truth and I repeat Libya is the original Afrika and this name should only apply to that land mass which was also encrouched on and resized. The soul purpose behind this was to let us get lost in history as being sold as Afrikan slaves and not as Hebrews.Then justify and confirm that Afrikans had sold Afrikans to the explorers.

africa propia

To our people who have been seduced by falsehood and been misguided into these beliefs and has taken on cultural identities of Afrocentrism and Egyptology be aware that this is not our heritage. I know we seek dearly a heritage and something we can identify with but this is not it. We were  not native citizens but sojouners and refugees in these lands and the but umbrella of the Afro stigma was created to renounce us as the Hebrews of the Holy Book. 

How stupid it is to look upon every black or dark skinned person and assume they are of African descent or Hametic knowing now that the real Africa is but the land of Phut/Libya and NOT the surrounding continents from the Mediterranean sea to the Atlantic ocean. Ouucchhh!! you will say, but I can prove this again and again historically. Take for instance the boundaries of our father Shem, his boundaries for the shemetic race encompassed those lands  in those regions the Westerners falsely calls Africa.This will be explained and cleared up in the next article called Bi-Afra

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The Romans have been falsely given credit for popularizing the name Africa in the West. They used the name Africa terra meaning “land of the Afri” (or singular version “Afer”) for the northern part of the continent. Its capital was Carthage, which is modern-day Tunisia.

So how did This name Afrika come about in the first place? From our ancient scrolls we find that Josephus the Hebrew historian gave an account of its origin. It will be alarming to you to discover these truths as you will shy away and say “this is not not in the bible so it is not authentic”


The Historian Josephus

josephusThe children of Ham possessed the land from Syria and Amanus, and the mountains of Libanus; seizing upon all that was on its sea-coasts, and as far as the ocean, and keeping it as their own. Some indeed of its names are utterly vanished away; others of them being changed, and another sound given them, are hardly to be discovered;

yet a few there are which have kept their denominations entire. For of the four sons of Ham, time has not at all hurt the name of Cush; for the Ethiopians, over whom he reigned, are even at this day, both by themselves and by all men in Asia, called Cushites.

The memory also of the Mesraites is preserved in their name; for all we who inhabit this country [of Judea] called Egypt Mestre, and the Egyptians Mestreans. Phut also was the founder of Libya, and called the inhabitants Phutites, from himself: there is also a river in the country of Moors which bears that name;

whence it is that we may see the greatest part of the Grecian historiographers mention that river and the adjoining country by the apellation of Phut: but the name it has now has been by change given it from one of the sons of Mesraim, who was called Lybyos”changed to Lybia”

We will inform you presently what has been the occasion why it has been called Africa also. Canaan, the fourth son of Ham, inhabited the country now called Judea, and called it from his own name Canaan. The children of these [four] were these: Sabas, who founded the Sabeans; Evilas, who founded the Evileans, who are called Getuli; Sabathes founded the Sabathens, they are now called by the Greeks Astaborans;

Sabactas settled the Sabactens; and Ragmus the Ragmeans; and he had two sons, the one of whom, Judadas, settled the Judadeans, a nation of the western Ethiopians, and left them his name; as did Sabas to the Sabeans: but Nimrod, the son of Cush, staid and tyrannized at Babylon, as we have already informed you.

Now how did the name Africa came about? We will link Josephus report and evidence from a 1349 bible and a 1526 bible also the Roman Catholic bible.

The Historian Josephus

josephusABRAHAM after this married Keturah, by whom six sons were born to him, men of courage, and of sagacious minds: Zambran, and Jazar, and Madan, and Madian, and Josabak, and Sous. Now the sons of Sous were Sabathan and Dadan. The sons of Dadan were Latusim, and Assur, and Luom.     The sons of Madiau were Ephas, and Ophren, and Anoch, and Ebidas, and Eldas. Now, for all these sons and grandsons, Abraham contrived to settle them in colonies; and they took possession of Troglodytis, and the country of Arabia the Happy, as far as it reaches to the Red Sea.


It is related of this Ophren, that he made war against Libya, and took it, and that his grandchildren, when they inhabited it, called it (from his name) Africa. And indeed Alexander Polyhistor gives his attestation to what I here say; who speaks thus: “Cleodemus the prophet, who was also called Malchus, who wrote a History of the Jews, in agreement with the History of Moses, their legislator, relates, that there were many sons born to Abraham by Keturah: nay, he names three of them, Apher, and Surim, and Japhran.

That from Surim was the land of Assyria denominated; and that from the other two (Apher and Japbran) the country of Africa took its name, because these men were auxiliaries to Hercules, when he fought against Libya and Antaeus; and that Hercules married Aphra’s daughter, and of her he begat a son, Diodorus; and that Sophon was his son, from whom that barbarous people called Sophacians were denominated.”


We can all see from all the evidence provided that even the original bible translators had knowledge of this fact that Afrika was just that area surrounding Phut as we look at a translation from the Vulgate Catholic bible, the first wycliffe bible from 1349 and also Tynsdale bible 1526 that they referred to Phut as lybiso/ Lybia as Afrika.

The only knowledge of this had to be in the original transcripts of the scrolls which the historian Josephus also confirmed.  Note your modern bibles they made the change back to “PHUT” SO YOU WILL HAVE NEVER KNOWN. I REST MY CASE!! These same nations conspired with the Greeks /Alexandria to hurt us and make us slaves and corrupt our traditions.


Wycliffe Bible 1349

Nahum 3:8 Whether thou art betere than Alixaundre of Populis, that dwellith in floodis? Watris ben in cumpas therof, whos richessis is the see, watris ben wallis therof. Nahum 3:9 Ethiope is strengthe therof, and Egipt, and there is noon ende; Affrik and Libie weren in help therof

The Catholic Bible 1749

Nahum 3:9 Ethiopia and Egypt were the strength thereof, and there is no end: Africa and the Libyans were thy helpers. Nahum 3:10 Yet she also was removed and carried into captivity: her young children were dashed in pieces at the top of every street, and they cast lots upon her nobles, and all her great men were bound in fetters.

Tynsdale Bible 1526

Nahum 3:9 Ethiopia and Egipte were hir stregth, & that exceadinge greate aboue measure. Aphrica and Lybia were hir helpers, Nahum 3:10 yet was she dryuen awaye, & brought in to captiuyte: hir yonge children were smytten downe at the heade of euery strete,

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