When Love Comes Along
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cropped-Keyhole-Heart-front-coverIt is not impossible to love someone you met for the first time! “Its like a best friend you’ve never met before” I say this and I will go on to explain in simplistic fashion. Many of us in this life have experienced happy with certain elements in a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend. The meekness, the kindness the caring,  the confrontations when you are wrong in a respectful way, the laughter, the tears, the comforting. These elements mean a lot to us as we grow and we crave those elements in a partners personality. Yes we fall in love with those qualities and that spirit of honesty and respect hoping to always have them close at hand all our lives.

Unfortunately we  often go through life sometimes scarred from past relationships, where we tried to fit in with partners who never possessed those qualities that would bring you joy and ease. We battle to reach there but in vain things keep getting blown up in your faces and we never fully understand why. Few of us however realize that to often the problem is on both sides yourself and your other half. my close friends and draw much from them their mistakes their good points their trials and battles.

The thing I have learned and mastered was to look deeper within myself and judge me for who I really am, confronting and dealing with all my faults,misconceptions and my inabilities to be a man of compromise. I looked deep within my soul and I did not like the things I saw, it was ugly and frightful and it made me troubled in spirit. With this approach I was also able to look at the wise Solomon definition of love. I learned that love is not possession or obsession but freedom. Its a gift earned by ones humility, kindness and an untainted character with the ability to listen and one who can give good counsel. 

The greatest lesson learned is to love without expectations because it protects the delicate spirit from being hurt, it is good measure of emotion management. Love started to make more sense to me and I realized it was about acceptance and compromise growing together. House cleaning my internal mess, preservation and reservation of the inner chamber of my heart to receive the gift of woman was mandatory. Its is always exciting to believe  in one with the personalities and spirit that will be a comfort to my being. This place I call the chamber of the heart where only the qualities of such a woman already have taken residence, only she can fit in that place. 

That place is untouched, and when ever she comes along you will know her from the first day because it is like a key that is made for a particular groove pattern in a lock. When she comes along she matches exactly that reserved place. You will know her, your heart will melt with every spoken word and every kind gesture even her rebuke in time of disagreement is gentle. Yes! you had always born and carried the spirit of her persona locked in that chamber of the heart awaiting the physical her to bring it to you.   

Many of us can’t believe this but it is true; this can happen it is a fit and a match like explained a key and a lock moving together in harmony.Though etched differently there is provision for compromise, she turns right, you turn with her, you move left she moves with you’re interlocked with each other. You both now become one with each others imperfections and perfections opening up a life time of dreams passions hopes. So many of us pray for a good man or a good woman but really have you prepared your life to receive such a person?

Have you separated yourself from the selfishness, from the strip clubs, the pride, the anger, the hatred, the envy, the gossip, the strife, the sleeping around with multiple partners? These are all smoke in the nose to any potential partnership. Seriously my brothers and sisters, our souls must be ready to receive that person of good character because if they should come, you not being ready you will scar that gift given to you from God. Every wonderful and beautiful gift is given by the father of Creation and there is no regrets knowing he provided it. As a young man I knew such a woman but I never did understand and respect her as that gift from Eh’Yeh. Her mannerism has remained as an example to me all my life and I thank her for the man I have become. Her standards have kept me aware of the importance of  me respecting myself and seeking out good character and manners in a faithful mate. Throughout this life those standards were always a beacon and my guide and today I am able to love cherish and recognize the perfect gift of companionship with one who loves Eh’Yeh first then me.

Blessed the husband of a good wife, twice-lengthened are his days; A worthy wife brings joy to her husband, peaceful and full is his life. A good wife is a generous gift bestowed upon him who fears Eh’Yeh; be he rich or poor, his heart is content, and a smile is ever on his face. A gracious wife delights her husband, her thoughtfulness puts flesh on his bones; a gift from Eh’Yeh is her governed speech, and her firm virtue is of surpassing worth. Choicest of blessings is a modest wife, priceless her chaste soul. A holy and decent woman adds grace upon grace; indeed, no price is worthy of her temperate soul. Like the sun rising in our Alohim’s heavens, the beauty of a virtuous wife is the radiance of her home.

Love sees the best in each person and is never rude or angry but it also an careful instructor of discipline. This more than a pleasant and wonderful surprise I’ve always  envisioned for myself and pray it never catch me off guard. Of these many things i did not quite understand, but when understanding came I will now cherish her in the rightful space. The bindery of two spirits is a wonderful thing as love is made perfect in a child. Like fine music two became one soul like a grand orchestra, different instruments, many musicians and love the conductor directing a beautiful song.

Caleb Charlz

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