Trump As Pharaoh Created For His Purpose
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catastrophic-armageddonThe climate that exist as we approach the presidential election 2016 is one of high humidity and one that exceeds boiling point. It is the belief that if Trump loses his supremacist fanatics are going to be dissatisfied and very violent and if Trump wins  the 4% of gun owners, the police departments, his justice league, rich friends, and those in high places of authority are going to be emboldened to enforce their measures and misuse their authority against minorities.The media in most instances are painting false pictures of Mr Trump and promoting Hillary Clinton as an angel of light. Be careful and do not be blindsided in your decisions. Politics is a snake with two heads especially in regards to us the poor, blacks and Latinos whom they label minorities.

Afro Americans,  Latinos and Muslims need to wake up, this election is not about Hillary Clinton or Donald trump its an election for your life, one being a fast and quick solution and the other a long drawn out slow boil. I strongly believe with a person of Donald Trump’s mentality leading the country, then this world war is a reality in the near future. If he becomes the new president as only our holy father will allow, then he has to refocus and curb his arrogant ego. Mr Trump has very good intentions regarding the restructuring of the present corrupt political system. His focus on better benefits for veterans, barring lobbyists special interest groups from the white house and fixing a  horrible healthcare system  is a win win for all peoples.

Our children must be groomed into truth so they will be aware of times,who they are and our God. They are the future kings and priests to lead our nation as spiritual men and women, building a nation who will return to our God. The Almighty Creator Eh’Yeh uses who ever to fulfill his work like he created Pharaoh for his purpose, like he gave the people King Saul because they wanted a wicked King. If our God allows Donald Duck to be in power it is for a greater purpose regarding our people who will be under the sword. This will be the wake up call as things will intensify and not favorably for Afro Americans and all Hebrew family scattered around the globe.

Dependency on politicians for your liberation is the wrong answer, we have to trust in our God and his prophets. Some trust in chariots and riches and men but I trust in the Lord, the sooner afro Americans and west Indians learn that we are all pilgrims in captive lands then your eyes will see. The destruction is about to come, the sword of the enemy is at the door. I believe this is the hour of truth when our peoples eyes will be opened and we will once again serve our Creator. In my estimation for this prophecy to be fulfilled I see only a dictator like Donald Trump  being the next president of the united states to set it off.{The Book Of 1st Samuel Chapter 8}

{6} But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the LORD.  {7} And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them{8} According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods, so do they also unto thee.  {9} Now therefore hearken unto their voice: howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and shew them the manner of the king that shall reign over them.


1st Samuel Chapter 8 Click on Picture

Mr Trump’s rich core supporters  are not interested in policies but are attracted emotionally to an attitude, a language and that thug persona towards minorities. The idea of of bombing Muslims, a police state, having the elite armed, guile rhetorics, and brute force are their one Christmas wish. Mr Trump as he has already indicated in many speeches that somehow Latinos and Muslims are a threat to the nation. The pitting of latinos and blacks against each other as he blames Latinos for the state of blacks in America; redirecting the sins of inequality by rich elites bloodlines to the brown skins. These remarks by Mr Trump has put himself in the cross hairs of many and those fears will lead to tensions if he is the future president.

Our nation has become a cage of every foul spirit and wicked bird, a carbon copy of Sodom and Gomorrah in ancient days. Unjust ruler ship, corrupt leaders, wicked judges, immoral leaders and the wealthy covering their sins by bribery. There are whispered concerns amongst even Caucasian people that if Donald Duck wins that his white supremacist supporters will ramp up their attacks on racial others and religious others without consequence. The strong possibility also if he loses in their minds the idea of a rigged election will set of a series of violence and vice versa for the other democrat party.


                                    Building Walls The Roman Siege Of Our People>Click On Picture

There is a strong powerful fraction of Donald’s hard core supporters  who seem to envision,  and are  emboldened that his justice department will not persecute or look into the attacks on minorities. The empowering  and support for the fraternity of the blue shields  by Trump and their endorsement of him are visible signs of things to come. That faction of supporters belief in this type of injustice is what is creating this Trump frenzy and they are clamoring for this type of society like in the 1950s. Trump is saying all the right things and hitting all the key notes that appeals to all the hurt and those affected by the outsourcing jobs. The broken down and beaten down middle class,  Caucasian  supremacy groups and  jobless minorities are getting his attention.

One should always be aware of any entity being given to much power and therefore there is that fear of police brutality and profiling being escalated. Important facts regarding the birth and development of the American police which can be traced to a multitude of historical, legal and political-economic interests. The institution of slavery and the control of minorities, however, were two of the more formidable historic features of American society shaping early policing. Slave patrols and Night Watches, which later became modern police departments, were both designed to control the behaviors of minorities.

slave-patrols-police-originsFor example, New England settlers appointed Indian Constables to police Native Americans (National Constable Association, 1995), the St. Louis police were founded to protect residents from Native Americans in that frontier city, and many southern police departments began as slave patrols. In 1704, the colony of Carolina developed the nation’s first slave patrol. Slave patrols helped to maintain the economic order and to assist the wealthy landowners in recovering and punishing slaves who essentially were considered property.

You see people don’t get it, when Yehshar said to the apostles you will be persecuted and killed for my name sake he did not mean any body who say they are Christians on their birth certificate or profess to be Christians or of a Christian church. The bible teaches that we are a people who are called by the fathers name Yisrael. Christ namesake is his Father who called our people by his name so what he is saying is that because we are the Elect children of Israel we will be killed and persecuted for that reason. We have always been known by his name therefore we are hunted and enslaved lynched and put in prison houses. Not because you say the name Jesus for that is not even his name.

donald-trumpBe for real people do you really believe that the great majority of people calling themselves Christians or evangelicals are really your brothers and sisters? Being Christian today in the majority of instances is nothing but a title, they will rise up against you as of old!  In Christs time it was his own Hebrew people,  the gentile Edomite Jewish religious leaders, and  Herodians  Jewish converts who befriended the Roman Police to use force on our people. In 70 AD when the Roman army marched into Jerusalem they were not hunting for diversified religious people like in picture above! that was just the Hors d’œuvres, the “main course” was destroying the people of Christ’s lineage and his disciples, the Judean Israelites .

Men and women were hung on trees, killed by the sword, burnt to death, starved out at Masada where women were forced to eat their babies. Christ warned his people of what was coming and he told them to flee into the mountains, some listened but many stayed and therefore suffered the consequences. Your churches don’t like to talk about these things because it makes them uncomfortable as your leaders were instructed to hide the evil side of this religion. We are walking into this very same trap and the signs are pointing to this same dilemma as it is unfolding before your eyes.

This presidential election could fast forward the increased persecution related to the times of Jacobs trouble as the holy scriptures prophesied. I have researched scriptures and have shown you weekly who you are and what we mean to this wretched world, those who have an ear let him hear. Christianity has really blinded the eyes of men from reality and has bred a nation of ignorant and unconcerned children  of  the Elect.

lynching-lige-daniels-1920-texasHistory has shown time and time again how brutal this impostor religion can be, but yet we follow the killers who oppose and oppress using the name of the blue eyed demon they substituted for the real Christ. These  Christians powers were responsible for  most lynchings which actually  occurred on Sunday afternoons, shortly after church services concluded. This to them was entertainment like an After church party as these executions were well attended by little Christian boys and girls, Mommy and Daddy.

This harsh reality is not only beyond frightening, but barbaric and is not spoken off in the history journals or in history classes.  In fact many of those pagans who were present at lynchings did not consider themselves to be racist because in their minds, the racist were the ones actually conducting the lynching. The congregation often denied the stigma of racism and the conviction of conscience  by justifying their participation as mare onlookers..

lynchLynchings were photographed and made into postcards, which were like a  promotion for the next Mike Tyson Fight. These wicked hypocrites would send these postcards to their friends and family inviting them to attend the next lynching as if it were a free circus in town.

 According to historian Ralph Ginzberg, “lynching [which also frequently included burning, castrating, & disfiguring the victim,] were spectacles, announced in advance, attended by whites including women and children, and covered on assignment by newspaper reporters in a manner not unlike contemporary coverage of sporting events.”

The most disturbing part about this is that people who were identified as Christians played a significant role in these events, in both the promotion and execution of lynchings. This is where we are heading as Donald Duck echoes his sentiment of making America great again.The Clintons will take us there also but in a more diplomatic and drawn out  method over time like the systematic boiling of a frog .

The after math could be so catastrophic emulating the horror or Masada and the preview of things Hollywood once gave us in  the 1998 movie The Siege. Things are unfolding at warp speed so its time for some soul searching brothers and sisters. Politicians are crafty and quite often can exploit the vulnerability of those who suffer by feigning sympathy and speeches of empty promises. One without wisdom placed in power, it is quite possible we can be catapulted into a world war, as he keeps poking at the Islamic people. With  zealousness and pompous vanity this potential leader can  be the cure of a corrupt existing government and also the catonine tail that will bring our people back to reality.

come_out_of_her_my_people_web-1024x617Again the books say to us to flee Babylon as these things to come are inevitable and are only just around the corner. The children of Israel will awaken from their spiritually dead state and come back to the Lord during this horrible time  fulfilling the prophesy of {Ezekiel chapter 37}” valley of dry bones”.  The Islamic nation of the Medes which is Iran and his brothers the Ishmaelites will rise against Babylon from the north and it will get crazy. The vengeance of the great God as he uses the Islam war lords as his sword to punish Babylon for her pride and unjust measures and the killing and oppression of his people. I present the proof from our bibles and I quote {“Jeremiah Chapter 50:4”}

{4}In those days, and at that time, sayeth the LORD,the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah, weeping and making haste, and shall seek the LORD their {5} God. They shall ask the way to Sion, thither shall they turn
their faces, and come and hang upon thee, in a covenant that {6}never shall be broken. My people hath been a lost flock, my shepherds have deceived them, and have made them go astray upon the hills. {7}They have gone from the mountains to the little hill, and forgotten their fold.

All they that came upon them, have devoured them: and their enemies said: We have made no fault against them, for they have displeased the LORD , yea even the LORD which is the beauty of their righteousness, and that defended their fathers. Yet shall you flee from Babylon, and depart out of the land of the Caldees, and ye shall be as the rams that go before the flock.

For lo, I will make up an host of people from the northern land, and bring them upon Babylon: these shall lay siege to it, and win it: Their arrows shall not miss, like as a cunning archer shooteth . And the Chaldees shall be spoiled, and all they that spoil them, shall be satisfied, sayeth the LORD . Because they were so cheerful and glad, to tread down mine heritage, and fulfill their pleasures, as the calves in the grass: And triumphed over them like the bulls, when they had gotten the victory.


Medes and Dragons of Arabia- Click on picture to read the entire prophecy from 2nd Esdras 15

These are the reasons the western powers are poking the hornets nest to get an upper hand and destroy the Ismaelites before this happens, its that fear of losing the power and be treated as they have treated others. The Lord will use these nations as his sword to setup his kingdom in the earth.  This next ruler presumably of the US, one of boldness, the persona of Trump, feisty, the fire stoker and provocateur to trigger this firestorm.

World leaders, Advisors  and scholars all know the prophecies and what is coming, therefore I warn you brethren be prepared as scripture says every man flee to his own country and save himself for the fiery arrows will come. In the prophets days he did not know how to interpret nuclear bombs but what he saw he expressed it as related to their time, as fiery arrows. {The Book Of Jeremiah Chapter 51:6 -16}

{6}Fly away from Babylon, every man save his life. Let no man hold his tongue to her wickedness, for the time of the L ORD ’s vengeance is come, yea he shall reward her again. Babylon hath been in the L ORD ’s hand a golden cup, that maketh all lands drunken. Of her wine have all people drunken, therefore are they out of their wits. But suddenly is Babylon fallen and destroyed. Mourn for her, bring plasters for her wounds, if she may peradventure be healed again.

We would have made Babylon whole (say they) but she is not recovered. Therefore will we let her alone, and go every man into his own country. For her judgment is come into heaven, and is gone up to the clouds. And therefore come on, we will shew Sion the work of the L ORD our God. Make sharp the arrows, and fill the quivers: for the L ORD shall raise up the spirit of the king of the Meedes, which hath already a desire to destroy Babylon.

In my conclusion I do suggest to the reader to follow up by reading {2nd ESDRAS Chapter 15}  for confirmation of the  Russia, Iran , Arab Islamic invasion.  Syria prophecy is unfolding just as predicted! “CLICK ON PARAGRAPH” This is not a time to play Sunday school but to search out biblical history and understanding of the redemption of God’s people.

imparatoriyamedyaIts a time of submission to the the laws commands and statutes, observing our feast days and holy days and not the heathen’s. We are to separate ourself from this world and resist her delicacies. This site goes by its name and title of showing you the reader your heritage and rediscovering your true nationality as children of the most high. I am the watchman on the wall wishing peace and prosperity in the name of Yeh’shar the messiah.

Kaleb Yahdiel

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